The short answer is no. Let’s back up though……I grew up in a world where cell phones existed but didn’t matter. It didn’t matter until I got around 28 where you see people that live and breathe on their cell phone. Cell phones are attached to hips, hands, purses, foreheads…..well at least in the neck area. What’s funny is that people love their cell phones these days for more than just talk because let’s be real do we talk to people anymore. The older folk do but the younger generation doesn’t. I use my phones to do various things

  • Check my emails (and don’t you hate when people say they didn’t get your emails….like come on you don’t have that thing set up to your phone….I side eye that comment often)
  • Browse Instagram (My favorite platform…I love looking at pretty pictures)
  • Follow Facebook Groups ( I don’t really mess with FB often unless it’s groups. I talk on there but if it weren’t for my fan page I would not be on there)
  • Text……..I actually just started to text. I hate texting because I can’t text fast and it’s to much to text conversations to people

There is a girl I know who is my associate (a person I know whose really not a friend) who hasn’t picked up the phone and spoken to me in two years all she does is text. She didn’t even know my husband died and when she found out guess what she did…….text to say sorry for your loss.

So let’s see can you be without your cell phone for a week?

Monday – My phone is in a drawer….I think I can be without it…but oh no it’s the day after the weekend and emails….the endless emails. I can live without checking my emails for the day….but what if someone emails me about money. Okay I need my cell phone I can put it down on Tuesday

Tuesday – I have checked all the emails and I will leave my cell home to make sure I don’t use it. I go about my day and then while waiting for my kids at swim practice…I have nothing to do. Dammit why didn’t I bring my cell, a book, OMG look how long my nails are, why is this pool so hot, is that a bug, OH gosh…I need my cell phone I see people with cell phones and I don’t have mine…….I am going crazy let me strike up a convo. Hey, hows the weather? Well excuse me for interrupting your cell time. Shat they still have another 30 minutes for class…….*starts counting to 1,000,000*

Wednesday – I can’t leave my cell phone anymore like that I need something to do so I will just leave it in my purse and not look at it. *at the red light* I just heard something…I will not pick it up…I will not pick it up. Dammit this light is long I will just look quickly. Oh that’s something about money will text her back when I stop somewhere *beep* Oh shat green light

Thursday – I haven’t been on instagram all week. Let me go see what’s new since all of my content was scheduled out for the week I haven’t seen the likes or nothing. OMG over 100 likes let me go and comment on everyone and like their picture and then spend the next hour browsing all those I missed. *2 hours later* Let’s see whats going on with FB

Friday – I am going to put my phone down this entire weekend and not pick it up. My son has his dad’s cell phone (since the phone was in my name I could not get rid of that bill so I gave my son the phone) and he is texting his friend. Hey mom my friend says hi. What friend oh someone I play with on xbox….what. Oh hell no let’s talk about the dangers of cell phones right now. I had to break it down to him that he speaks to no one unless I have spoken to them or I know the child personally. After that talk I must go and update my FB page with this talk that I just had with him.

Saturday – I haven’t checked my emails since Monday. Oh wow….700+ emails from 4 accounts. Well I am not really doing anything and I won’t be on my cell I can check it from the computer. That way I don’t have my cell all weekend.

Sunday – *browses instagram and pinterest all day long*

No I can’t live without my cell phone. I run a business so I need it. I am like a child …I might miss something if I don’t check it at least once a day. We are so use to our phones that we do everything from them. Bank with them, grocery shop with them, take pictures with them, snapchat, make a video, read on them, listen to music on them, etc. Our cell phones will probably replace ID’s next where we won’t need a drivers license anymore or even a bank card everything will be on technology. Can you live without your cell for a week? Tell the truth. Am I the only one that does the above? I do not text and drive at all but if I am at a stop light…yeah. It’s bad…..I am working on that with a new app and so far I have been doing good.

Can you be without your cell phone for a week?

error: Are you trying to steal something? Tsk Tsk Tsk