Mass shootings are going on at a high rate, alligators are lurking in waters, parents “forget” to leave their kids in the car. So many things that are going on in the world how can a parent not live in fear?

Yes the sign said no swimming but the child was not swimming he was wading in the water. I have no problems with people obeying the sign and not swimming my issue is that if Disney knew that gators are around there should be signs all over that place that say…Watch for gators or deadly animals. People who aren’t from Florida don’t know that gators are frequent there. I feel that there should have been signs because hello….gators do come up on land too so what if the child wasn’t in the water but was chilling in the chairs. The gator could still walk his tail up there too. Y’all forget they can walk on land….come on. Now Disney has put up a fence which is all good but it happened after the fact. That should have been done before the incident happened. I am not blaming the mother because as a mother anything can happen because none of us are perfect….none of us.

Anything can happen…

Your child can go on a ride and the ride malfunctions

Your child can go into the water where he is only ankle deep and a wave can snatch them away (this happened to my son and I had to jump in the water to save him before he was pulled away)

Your child can eat something that they may be allergic too and can’t breathe

Your child can be at the beach and a plane could crash

Keep an eye on your surroundings and know the area. If you are near any type of water expect anything. In the south expect gators or snakes…I don’t know anything about up north but any type of water can hold anything. Be aware of water at all times. I don’t even let my kids lean over a body of water because they can’t swim that well so I make sure to make them stand back if there is no barrier.

Tips to face fear

  • Invite fear into your life and learn to move towards it. Don’t let one monkey stop a show. If you fear that your child will go into the gorilla exposure at the zoo face it. Talk about the dangers of what to do and not to do to your child before you go to the zoo. Remember to always keep your eye on the child no matter especially if you are around the dangerous animals at any zoo.
  • Train your mind to expect the best. If your child says hey mom I am going out to the club tonight…say I love you and put it in your mind that they will be back
  • Plan to be great no matter what. No one plans on bad things happening but it does help if you plan on things ahead of time. Plan means…know where you are going do your research. If you aren’t from Florida plan to see what the weather will be, what type of animals frequent there, are there bears, what type of snakes live down there, etc.
  • I trust that I can handle 3 kids at the beach. Anymore than 3…I need help. I know that kids are in my care even if their not mine. Know what you can handle and what you can’t!

Fear is real and there is nothing like the fear of what if’s. You can’t live in fear because you will be no good to yourself the best thing you can do is know that if something happens it was their time. Tell your children that you love them dearly every single day and be the best parent that you can be no matter how many mistakes¬†we make.

How do you handle fear? When it comes to your kids do you handle fear differently? 

How can a parent not live in fear?



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