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Callaway Gardens

May 23, 2016

*I received complimentary tickets to visit Callaway Gardens. As always, all opinions are my own*

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I have lived in GA for over 10 years now and despite being here for so long there are many places that I have not visited. I first heard of Callaway Gardens through a friend who went to see their famous Christmas Lights. She raved about the place years ago but I never went. My Aunt went 2 years ago but we didn’t go with her because of other obligations. I have been so burnt out this year with trying to run a household and run two businesses that I needed a mini vacation to recoup and think. Enter the perfect place……Callaway Gardens

[highlight ]Above this post you can see all the many pictures I took during our stay[/highlight]

I am going to highlight a few tips and tricks so that you can be prepared when you go

  • They have 3 to 4 different places that you can stay at when you arrive. We stayed at the southern pine cottages. The prices to stay at each place can be found on their site.
  • We loved the cottages. They had a full kitchen that came with the pots and pans. If you go ….and I am biased….stay at the cottages. The price is worth it for all that you get. It feels like you are in a cabin.
  • They have a heated Jacuzzi that you can walk to….we enjoyed it and it was a nice bonus seeing that it was my first time ever in one.
  • They have several places to eat. We ate at the Plant Room Restaurant….more on our food experience later.
  • The drive wasn’t that bad. We got down there within 1 hr and 35 minutes and we were coming in from Conyers, GA way outside of Atlanta.
  • They don’t have a lot of stores around so bring extra snacks and drinks with you. We got hungry late at night and had nothing *cries*
  • You will have to drive to each of the restaurants and attractions so make sure you prepare for that.
  • The gardens are beautiful you will want to bring a camera….and a backup because you will run out of space on your card…..like I did. I had to dump pictures because I didn’t bring my back up card.
  • There are a lot of activities to do so arrive early and wear comfortable shoes because it’s a lot of walking once inside the gardens.
  • Plan on staying for at least an entire weekend because there is a lot to do and one day won’t cut it.
  • Keep your key cards away from your phone it will not work if it goes near it. We had to replace our key cards twice smh….because we don’t listen well.

Callaway Gardens Restaurants 

We ate at the Plant Room the first night. It was a buffet style place. Think Golden Coral but 50 times better. I have never seen a buffet that looked like you should be dressed in your best. The atmosphere was superb. Our waitresses kept our drinks full and kept the table cleared so we can go back for 2nds…..okay we went back for 3rds too. The food was so fresh. Why? Some of the items came straight from the garden itself. Kids under 5 ate free so that means we didn’t have to pay for my daughter which I loved because most places cut off the age at 3. This was a bonus because I won’t even divulge how many rib bones my daughter ate. Here are a few pictures from the restaurant.

Callaway Gardens: The Country Kitchen

For Breakfast that next morning we tried the Country Kitchen. Let me first talk about the biscuits…..good gawd…that’s all I got to say. The country kitchen reminded me of Cracker Barel but smaller. They had a cute store in the front with candy and different items. The pancakes were huge and I loved that they gave you your drinks in cute mason jars.

Let’s talk Activities

We went to the butterfly Gardens first which was absolutely beautiful. We got to see some of the butterflies hatching my kids loved this part the most. We then went over to see Birds of Prey…..my hubs was kind of upset that he was missing his football game (The Falcons)…..well I told him we would see it live….he was not amused. All attractions come with admission to the Gardens except for some of the attractions like golf, zip lining, etc. Make sure you know what’s included and what’s not by visiting their site.

You can check out more pictures above. Overall it was a very very nice getaway and worth the trip. We relaxed and caught up on some much-needed family time. No electronics were used and we got back to nature…… We all need to take some time to get back to basics in life, don’t you think. Make sure you keep up with them for their Holiday of Lights attraction.  Thank you Callaway Gardens for a wonderful experience.

Callaway Gardens. A great family getaway.

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