Well Kobe has retired! I was a die hard fan of the Lakers for a long time especially since I played basketball. Kobe was one of my all time favorites. I learned so many lessons from him that you can apply to business and life. Here are a few…………..

If you don’t have haters you aren’t doing much – Everyone has to have haters. If you don’t then you aren’t doing enough things to make an impact. Everyone is not going to love you or even like you. Kobe had so many haters….goodness.  Jealousy is a form of hate too. People will be jealous of you because you are just that good….hating jealousy whatever you call it make sure you have some of that if not do more.


Have great work ethic – People think that you can work on your craft for 3 hrs a day and be done…that won’t work. Do you know many sleepless nights I get working on my business. If I get 5 hrs that’s good most nights I get 3 hrs because I work……If I don’t work hard now I won’t be able to sit and relax later. My motto is  that I won’t stop working until my bank account goes ding ding while I sleep.

“Even after winning his first three NBA championships Kobe was relentless in his preparation. There is of course the legendary tale of Kobe’s exploits after a painful loss to the Miami Heat. Kobe went in to the locker room to change and then without talking to reporters went back out to shoot baskets for 30 more minutes.”

You must have confidence – It’s the key to unlocking everything. If you aren’t confident in your business then you can be swayed by anything anyone tells you. I had someone tell me I can’t take great photos….baby…yes I can and I am confident in the fact that I take great photos so I was able to laugh that off. Have confidence in your business and in life it sets the tone for how people will view you. If you have confidence you can sell anything. I know someone who just started their business a month ago….she had no former training, she has no degree, she just became confident in what she did and she was able to score a huge contract based off of her confidence. Without confidence you’ve already lost the race before they even say go.

Focus on the basics of your craft – The simplest things to learn are usually the core to learning everything. If you can master basic cooking skills you can cook anything. You don’t need a cookbook you don’t need someone telling you what to do. The key is to master the basics….when I say master you need to know simple tasks that others might think looks crazy. For example if you are a cook you should know how to season…it’s a simple task to many but so may of us can’t season the right way and it throws the entire meal off if not done right. Seasoning is so basic but it needs to be mastered. So many of us want to add so much to the things we can’t even master the basic on a simple level.

Make room to learn more – No one knows everything. Which is why we must keep learning and growing…one step at a time. If you know how to take photos great now make room to learn how to do more with your camera. Always learn and always be willing to learn. So many people don’t grow because they think they know everything……be teachable or you will always be stuck and sometimes you may even lose your business.

What I loved about Kobe is that he built his way to the top and even though he had to go through mess in the middle (the Colorado thing) he still built his way back up. Which means that problems will arise in life and in business that you can’t control and you can’t let it knock you down. Get the right people in your corner and fight your way back. No one remembers the quitter they remember the person who kept getting knocked down and making their way back up.

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Business lessons from Kobe Bryant

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