I’ve been told many times in my life that I will get sick of my husband and wouldn’t want to be around him often. Let me tell you, we had our moments where we didn’t like each other but I never wanted to be away from him especially for extended periods of time. My husband was my best friend and he was always first on my list as my partner in shenanigans. However, I have met many people who just need that time away from their spouse. Some couples can’t handle each other 24/7. There’s nothing wrong with that at all and it’s always great to be honest in a marriage. Anyways, if you’re thinking about going into business with your spouse at your side, here are a few things I have noticed in my experience.

Unless you both have a job outside of the business you’re doing together, you will be spending every waking moment together. This, above all else, can be the most challenging yet most rewarding. Having a husband home all day means consistent help with the kids and household chores. Plus, if something breaks, he’s there immediately to fix it in order for your day to keep running smoothly. It becomes more of a team effort and it truly makes you feel like you’re not alone in the daily hustle and bustle. However, the negative side to that is the fact that you can get on each other’s nerves from time to time or even often. This brings me to my point of learning to communicate and get along. Working a business together, especially if it’s a full time gig for both of you, means having to work on better communication and getting through hurdles together. It can be a wonderful bonding experience if approached the correct way. Now, if you don’t control yourself and are always flying off the handle and refuse to work with each other, then you’re going nowhere but to divorce land and quickly. Owning a business can be stressful but with two of you, the responsibilities should be 50/50 which means an equal load not only business wise but day to day duties wise. This also is a great way to assess each other’s strengths and weaknesses. If one person is horrible at one thing but good at another, let them handle the thing they’re good at even if it was something you wanted to do.

In my experience I have also noticed that it’s easy to take advantage of each other when in business together. I know my husband was unsure of himself when first helping me so he refused to do very much of the work for fear he would screw it up. Instead of chastising him, I would expound on his available moments to walk him through things one at a time, without him noticing he was actually learning something new. I felt a little taken advantage of at times because he would be having a fun day while I was stressing in the computer room trying to get caught up on everything. I can’t stress enough that in order for a business to work inside a marriage, responsibilities have to be shared equally. He began taking care of more of the house work in order to make up for the time I spend handling more of the business aspect. It was a fair trade in my eyes and his. Again, the key is working together and making compromises.

Don’t let work overwhelm you. If you and your spouse don’t have set work hours except your own that you set for yourself, take advantage of this because life is short. Just because you own a business doesn’t mean it has to take over your every moment. Take time for yourselves and family time in general. Set boundaries for yourself. I can easily work all day and make more money but you get to the point where you have to say, “What do I need and where can I and should I, stop?” Set clear goals. If you meet those goals early, take the rest of the time off. No need to push for more, after all, if you’re meeting your goal, then you’re meeting your budget plan.

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