College is one of those things that most of us have experienced or are going to experience at least once in our life. Many of us aren’t prepared for college and when we finally make it there, no matter what age, we feel like we haven’t done all we needed to do before college bogged us down. I have a friend who is currently enjoying her summer before classes start up again in the fall. Below is a bucket list of things you might want to do before college arrives at your doorstep.

Take a road trip with your high school friends: Most likely you won’t be able to see your high school friends anymore since everyone goes to different colleges or do different things after high school. Get a map out and blindly pick a place on the map and get in your car and go there.

Figure out how to do some DIY: Your Dorm room needs to be decorated. I would suggest you find out really quick how to do some cheap DIY tricks to get your room looking fab during the summer. Go to the dollar store and create something to have the entire floor talking about your room

Spend time with your family and not just your friends: Your mom may get on your nerves but she has a good reason she loves ya. Spend some time with her and then switch over and spend some time with dad. Dad’s usually don’t say much but trust me they may shed a tear or two when it’s time to drop you off to college. Spend some time with each separately.

Work Work Work: You know the Rihanna song where we only understand the work part….yeah do that this summer. You may not understand or want to take a break during the summer…don’t.  You don’t want to be super broke your first few months of college. Work and save up all the money that you can.

Get organized: College and High school are two different things. You don’t have anyone nagging you anymore about little things. College is when you will have to learn time management skills and how to be super organized. You will be living with a roommate who may not be organized so you don’t want to get your things mixed up with hers. (this happened to me. I was organized and she wasn’t and she kept our room looking like a hog pen….I love her to this day but my gawd)

Travel out of the country: This is a great one if you can afford it. I would see some part of the world and live it up before you go off to college.

Learn how to cook if you don’t know how: You will be hungry when you go to college. Trust me on this! Take a cooking class over the summer. It will be fun and you can learn something new.

Save up some money. I know, it sounds crazy however, when attending college, it seems money is sucked down the drain. Put a little aside as an emergency fund to help with any extra expenses that arise. Especially if you are reducing your hours or quitting your job (you shouldn’t quit your job to go to school), having some extra money around will help when the tough times arise. I’m thinking Christmas arrives right after fall classes end and it can be like a black hole for money. Be prepared!

Overall, just make sure you have lived a little and take care of your responsibilities before attending college. The last thing you need is for your focus to be on unfinished business or in la la land instead of the work that is going to shape your future.

Bucket List before you head off for College

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