Well Thanksgiving has come and went. We made it through our first year without the hubs and it was pretty decent. I didn’t cook for Thanksgiving since it’s just me and the kids. I decided to buy dinner on Wed and then we went visiting others on Thursday. We ended up going to the movies to see trolls and then coming home to homemade hot chocolate and movies. Every year for Thanksgiving my mother use to cook the same ole same ole….Turkey, Greens, Stuffing (that’s what we call it where I am from), sweet potato pie, etc. I always ate a bowl of cereal. Yes….every Thanksgiving and Christmas I ate cereal because I didn’t like the meal. I couldn’t wait until I got older so I can break the tradition of the same old meal and do something unique and different. It’s kind of how I live my life…..unique and different. When my husband was alive we went over to his family house every single year. For 10 years of our marriage it was go over to either his grandma house or the sister house EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. I was tired and we would argue because I wanted to do something different. Can we go to my hometown, can we visit other people, can we do something at our home for once. He refused every year saying it’s tradition. This year though we are breaking traditions! I am sorry if people don’t like it or don’t agree with it but it’s time to change. I am going to start with my cooking….

Every year, since we go over to the hubs family house, I didn’t cook. I would make me a little side dish so I can have something to eat but I didn’t really cook an entire spread. So this year I am going to change things up. I plan on having a BBQ Christmas (I had a BBQ Thanksgiving too) we are going to smoke some pork butt, throw some ribs on the grill, and make some mack and cheese. No greens, turkey, or stuffing will be on the agenda at all this year. Every year from now on I will create a new theme. Next year it will be a seafood Thanksgiving and Christmas and then the next year we go Mexican, and then the year after that Italian. No more having to eat the same things every year we are going to switch things up.

Traveling is going to be different. We will travel every Christmas to somewhere new for the holidays. This is the first Christmas that we will take on that task. I am thinking Biltmore Estates or Opryland in TN. I am leaning towards Opryland because it’s more kid friendly but it depends on which one works with my budget. We will do two vacations a year. One in the summer and one during the holidays. My kids are getting older…they no longer need gifts. For what? They have every electronic imaginable, I buy winter clothes at the end of winter for the New Year in bigger sizes so they have clothes, they play with toys for a week and then the toys collect dust. I am tired! I am sick of buying stuff to put under a tree, this year we will create memories and go somewhere. When their father died they didn’t speak of what Dad bought them they spoke of remembering things. Remember when we went on vacation and dad did this, remember when we to the beach for the first time, remember when we went to this state or that state. They recalled the memories…….not what Dad bought them. Going forward I am going to create more memories because they are getting older and will be out of my house soon…..I want to make sure I create memories for them.

Gift giving is getting to be tiresome. I am not all for exchanging names because I truly hate when I am thoughtful and buy nice things but get SHAT in return. I say break the tradition and change things up. If you are going to exchange names have everyone find nice cards and everyone put $10 or $20 in a card. The key is to find the most unique card as the tradition. One of my blog buddies exchanged names with her family and they had to buy something from Etsy and could only choose between 10 shops. Make it specific so that you don’t get bullcrap for the holidays. Exchange names but make things fun and unique don’t let people go rogue. Maybe do a Kitchen exchange name party where everyone has to buy something for the kitchen or switch it up and do something where everyone has to support their favorite charity. Change up the gift giving this year! You can also do this with your kids….give them 4 things for the holidays. One thing they want, one thing they need, something from the heart, and something for their future. My kids aren’t getting anything for the holidays because we are traveling……

It’s time to change things up! We don’t want to do the same things day in and day out…at least I don’t. I plan on changing things up a whole lot and doing things the unconventional way. It’s how I run my business and my life. I am the person in the room who will go against everyone in the room lol. Do you plan on changing things up for the holidays?

Break the Holiday traditions this year

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