Spiked Southern Lemonade

If you are from downsouth you know we love two drinks....Tea and Lemonade.....I prefer mine mixed together! Today let's cool off with this neat summer drink that's easy to put together and it's just in time for that mid summer party that you forgot to invite me to...

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Should you invest in a Franchise?

Franchises—some of us are familiar with what they are and that they can cost a pretty penny to get started. However, did you know that there are plenty of franchises that are actually quite affordable? Many of us, due to money concerns or maybe the amount of work...

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Uncles are like dads…but cooler

I didn't grow up with a father. My father and mother got divorced when I was around 5 so I don't know what it is to celebrate fathers day. I didn't celebrate and I will not be one of those women who say oh it's my day....nope sit down and let these men have their day....

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