Southern Fried Chicken Salad

Who doesn’t love a good salad? I usually have to go far to get a good one since I live in the country. I am tired of traveling for a good salad so I thought why not make my own. Anything with chicken on it is good…right? Agree with me lol. What’s...

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8 Tips for Dating After a Failed Relationship

Oh boy, relationships. That word comes with a lot of heavy emotions for some. I think the majority of us have gone through at least one (if not multiple) failed relationships. Not all failed relationships are bad ones that leave scars but there’s a good majority that...

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Brandography: Copper Cohens

Who doesn’t love a good piece of jewelry! I especially like the ones that are hand painted…it’s something special when you have jewelry that someones puts their hands on! I mean they take the time to make sure that every piece they make is hand...

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