Do you have a newsletter? I was against newsletters a few years ago. Here’s why…………

I felt that it was a waste of time to sit there and put together something that people could read on your website. I had nothing unique or different to offer. I subscribe to newsletters that give me something and it’s not just about the freebie that’s offered because what happens after you give the person the freebie? They usually will unsubscribe if your newsletter isn’t keeping them in the loop. I love free offers but it’s not what makes me sign up. What makes me sign up is the content that is offered after the freebie is long gone? Does this person have something that makes me excited to get it? I admit I am only excited for two newsletters. One is the Useletter from Amy. I look forward to this newsletter every Saturday! It’s one of the few that I open up on a constant basis. It’s useful, has great content, and quick. Another newsletter that I love is theSkimm¬†¬†again quick and to the point and I love starting my day off with whats going on in the world since I don’t watch a lot of tv. So you may ask yourself…does your blog or business really need a newsletter.

Why do you want to start one? Some start a newsletter to capture emails for future sales, some want a newsletter because they feel it’s better to keep up with others rather than using social media or the blog. I started my newsletter to keep my real readers in the know about me. Not everyone reads my blog and not everyone follows me on all social networks. Social media moves fast so I know you may not have caught the latest from me. I also feel the people who signed up want to know about me and they want to know what’s going on so I keep more personal stuff in my newsletter because it’s a way for my audience to connect with me. You don’t have to jump on the bandwagon of having a newsletter if it doesn’t fit your brand or if you just don’t feel the need to do one. You can find other ways to promote and get yourself out there. Figure out the way before you jump into trying to get people to sign up or capture emails.

What do you put in your newsletters to keep them coming back?– Of course you want to put in your latest blog posts but what else can you give to your readers that they won’t find online? For me I share personal photos of my family that I don’t share online, I also do a roundup in each of my newsletters to give you something to look forward too. I also give away a freebie that’s different for each and every newsletter that I do. The only thing in my newsletters that you will find on my blog are the missed posts. That’s it! If you are a blogger that doesn’t post regularly then maybe a newsletter isn’t right for you at this time. If you are a business…find out what you will have to offer. I work for an account that does welding…which is mostly for men. I feel that they don’t need a newsletter. Men aren’t reading emails like that and they have nothing to really offer in their newsletter to get people to sign up. Now if you have a clothing company you may want to do a newsletter so that you can share the latest designs and share sales. Depending on your business a newsletter can be the best thing ever or the worse.

Do you have the time to write a newsletter? – Newsletters take time to put together. Trust me I know…Mines comes out every Wednesday. Why? Because it’s hump day and I want to tell funny stories to get people over the hump. It takes me roughly 2 hrs to put my newsletter together from adding in the pictures, checking to see if links work, and making sure I am writing something unique and different. People can tell when you throw something together! Don’t start a newsletter if you can’t continue. If you do a newsletter once a week…keep that up. If you can’t commit to once a week do once a month. If you can’t do once a month then maybe you shouldn’t do a newsletter….I’m just saying. If you aren’t consistent then why would I continue to have you pop up randomly. I won’t remember you and I will most likely unsubscribe.

Here are some tips to make your newsletter unique:

  • Add pictures that aren’t seen by everyone only your audience
  • Have engaging content and don’t be boring
  • Tell people about new products or services
  • Tell your story
  • Showcase others
  • Do a blog post exclusive to only your subscribers

After some thought I felt that a good way to connect with my audience and show the real me was through newsletters so that’s why I jumped on the bandwagon. On the websites you get a glimpse of me in my newsletter you get me…raw, uncut, and real!

What newsletters are you subscribed too? How often do you unsubscribe from newsletters? What makes you sign up?

Does your blog or business need a newsletter?


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