My son’s birthday was June 5th. Every year we normally stay home have him a couple of friends over and call it a day. This year I decided to get out of town and travel right in our own backyard. We decided to visit Jekyll Island near Savannah, GA.  I have heard of Jekyll Island before but I had never been so I thought..why not take a birthday trip down there to see what they had to offer.

Let’s talk arrival……

The trip only took about 4 hours to drive (that’s after stopping twice for potty breaks…) When we arrived we had to pay to get on the island. This was kind of a surprise I had no idea you had to pay. It wasn’t much, only $6.00. My advice is….if you are coming to the island…stay. You have a 24hr pass if you need to leave, without paying again. If you leave after that 24hr and need to get back on you will have to pay. We stayed on the island so we only paid $6.00 once.

When we got to the hotel they had valet service. That’s kind of nice to have that come with your stay that way you won’t have to worry about parking nor bringing your bags up to your room. We felt….rich. Trust me we aren’t and they didn’t make us feel any different than anyone else on the island. Big thanks to the staff for leaving some cookies out for my son…(I told them it was his birthday and it was a very nice surprise)

Let’s run down some points

  • You will have to pay to get on the island
  • Valet Service is included
  • The name of the Hotel is The Jekyll Island Club Hotel 
  • The Hotel is historic but they updated it very nicely

After we settled in we went in search of something to eat.

  • The food was good but on the expensive side. We dined at The Courtyard at the Crane
  • I had the Crab Dip my husband had the Shrimp and Grits (he didn’t like it at all but my dish was good)
  • The scenery is beautiful if you go…dine outside

We had a wonderful evening walking the grounds and seeing the beautiful hotel

jekyll island jekyll island

The next morning it was breakfast time. We ordered breakfast in our room….wrong move. Our breakfast came to a total of $78…I have never in my life paid that much for breakfast. That cost did include the charge for them to bring breakfast up to your room but still…SHAT. It was worth the money though ….this is the perfect breakfast to get in bed if you are on a weekend retreat with your boo or if you are alone.

jekyll island

We relaxed in our room because it rained all morning. After the showers went over we decided to go and check out some turtles. Did you know that a lot of the turtles don’t make it. It’s like 1 out of 10…I had no idea. I felt so bad for the Sea Turtles. We loved the exhibit on the island and got to see some turtles up close and personal. This is a wonderful learning attraction for kids.

  • You do have to pay to see the attraction and go to the turtle hospital and see some of the history. I think in total we paid 15 bucks for the 4 of us. Not bad and well worth it
  • They had a mini game you could play that we enjoyed
  • You got to see how they care for injured turtles and we got a great look inside the turtle hospital

Next we went exploring.

  • You can putt putt golf
  • Go on the beach
  • Shop (that’s coming soon)
  • Golf
  • Ride bikes
  • Horse Back riding
  • Fishing (my hubs enjoyed that)
  • Eat (there are many different places to eat on the island that will fit every budget)

jekyll island

Overall we had a relaxing time. Our phone worked in some spots but of course T-Mobile wasn’t working the entire time. There are several other hotels and rental homes too so there is something to fit every budget. The best part about the trip…the quietness. The hotel we stayed at was so quiet you could hear a pin drop….literally. That was a big plus in my book. Not only was the staff wonderful but the atmosphere reminded me of home (Charleston, SC). Make sure you take your bathing suit to check out the beach area.

I received a complimentary stayon Jekyll Island  in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own. 

jekyll island

Birthday Fun at Jekyll Island

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