Easter is coming and this year it’s on my daughters birthday. My mom use to create an Easter basket for me every year until I turned 18…after that year I no longer got one. I was highly upset that I didn’t get one so my mom kept making them for me until she passed away. These days I am so not the crafty type so I don’t do a lot of Easter baskets but there is one tradition that I do every year for Easter. The tradition of changing out my winter bathroom decor to something light and summery. Every Easter I browse the stores to pick out the right color decor for my bathroom and on Easter Sunday I get up and replace the old winter drab for something new and fresh. This year I wanted to do a beachy theme so I decided to head to JCPenney to see what they had. I got sidetracked and went over to the bedding first. How often do you change your bedroom decor? I know that I can’t paint my bedroom because I am always changing things around with colors and bedspreads so I think keeping my room neutral white is best. That way I can change things how I need to.

I didn’t come in here for bedding….ooohhhh look at this bed y’all…..JCPenney is #SoWorthIt when it comes to decorating your home….and they are affordable. I am plotting my next move but I have to do one room at a time…

Let’s update the bathroom first because it’s the second most used place in my house besides the kitchen…..what, you thought I was going to say the bedroom huh lol. I actually have to get better with my sleep pattern but that’s for another day. Today let’s pick out a new bathroom look. My kids thought I should go bright…I was like hmmmm I don’t know.

Then they saw these and my son wanted a color for him and the girl wanted another color. Y’all will not have my bathroom looking all types of ways…… So I said let’s do something that reminds me of my hometown (Charleston,SC) and do a beach theme. They both agreed to that and we set off to find some rugs and bathroom decor that reminded me of the beach.

While I put my final look together let me give you 5 ways to bring Spring into your bathroom

Let’s start with…..

Color – As a person that is use to black, white, grey, and burgundy (my favorite color) I knew that I needed to spruce up the colors around my home and dive into something blue. You can also paint the wall but I am against painting the bathroom walls. Why? So that I can change the decor as often as needed without clashing with my walls

Flowers – I know the fake flowers are gorgeous but how about bringing some real flowers into your bathroom. I think getting up to that smell every morning …..makes your day just go much better. Make a habit of buying a bouquet for your downstairs and your bathroom once a week. If you have no one to buy them for you then buy them yourself

Artwork – The fancier the better. Here is a tip: look for something that’s relaxing. Your bathroom should be your oasis since you visit it daily. Make it something that you want to look at every single day. Maybe some words or sayings to remind you that you are beautiful

Candles – I love mine and I normally get one that smells…well like the beach something spring.

Shop at JCPenney – You can shop online or shop in the store for unique bathroom items for a great price. I redecorated my bathroom for under $50 and all it took was a simple rug change and adding some beautiful towels. It’s amazing how much a rug can change your life when you step out of your shower onto it. Shopping at JCPenney is always worth your time, money and effort with styles that are priced to buy and guaranteed to love.

These are the pieces I bought. What do you think?

Make decorating fun and involve some input from your family and make sure you have something that you will love. Make it have a special meaning for you especially  if it’s a place that is used a lot in your home. So, how do you celebrate Easter? How often do you change your bathroom decor?

This post is in collaboration with JCPenney. I received items in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own. #ad #sponsored #SoWorthIt

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