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It's Life

40 Things before 40

December 15, 2017

Well…..tomorrow is my birthday (December 16th) What’s funny is my mom was born on January 16th and my daughter is April 16th. Something about that 16 should make it my favorite number. My actual favorite number is 10 and in a few years that 10 will be times 4 and I will be 40 years old. Time goes by fast so I know by the time I blink…

It's Life

There is no santa + Links for the week

December 13, 2017

I was tired of the sham of pretending there was a Santa. I would have thought my 11 year old would have found out by now but he hadn’t so this year I ruined their lives by telling them there is no Santa. Here is how the conversation went……. Me: Family Meeting Son: I didn’t do it she did Daughter: You did it, you do everything Me: I…

It's Fashion

My favorite fall boots for wide feet

December 8, 2017

I haven’t worn heels for over 8 years. I think I would fall and bust my face up. I know people say get wedges they are better but honestly, I can’t do it. I need functional shoes for my life. Functional use to consist of just sneakers and ugg boots but this fall/winter I stepped it up just a little with some cute boots. As a big girl its…

It's Life

Lunch food wasted + Wed Links

December 6, 2017

My kids use to get free lunch…there is no shame in admitting that. I am blessed that my kids aren’t on it anymore and that I can afford to send them to school with lunch….what we not gonna do is give lunch away to other churn….yes I said churn (it’s a geechee word I’m geechee) Scene: (grocery store) Little Boy comes says hi to me he goes to…


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