I grew up with an older mother. Most people start having kids in their 20’s (most). I think the best time to have them is in your early 30’s. My mom had me at 34. Because she had me as an older mom I grew up around older people. A lot of people will tell me wow Kita you have an old soul. I think growing up around older people I have learned a lot of wise things and I have also learned that old school still wins when it comes to certain situations even in this new school world. Let’s look at a few ways you could be considered old school or having an old soul

You like to think things through – I am an old soul. I think about the consequences (sometimes I write up a list) of the pros and cons to doing it and the different outcomes of what would happen if I did something. I don’t just rush into things without thinking them through. Example: I am still looking for jobs and found one that I can work from home with. They had a conference call and everything for the job and I was hired. So when I asked where the website was (I searched but couldn’t find anything on the company) they said they wanted to hire people first then launch the website. Hmmm so you want my social security card, bank info for direct deposit, and other personal items and your company doesn’t have a website. Some people would jump for it especially since its work from home but me…I had to sit and think about it. I think not because I don’t even know if you are a real company and then you have all my personal info.

You don’t go out for the sake of going out – I am a homebody. If someone asks me to go with them somewhere I am asking questions Why, where, and how much will this cost me.  Going out just because, seems pointless to me; I would rather save my money and my time and do something of quality. I don’t want to be required to go out to lunch with you if all you want to do is talk about the latest gossip. You can email or text that to me so I won’t have to spend money on a meal to hear about it

You don’t get into the latest craze – No need too…it will come back around trust me. Classic clothes will always stand the test of time. Clothes that go in and out of season do just that…go in and out. Being a style chaser or wanting the latest gadget is nice but now where does that stuff end up once it’s out of style. I got on the train to get a tablet I did it to read my books but I missed the feel of a real book and the pad didn’t do me any good because I needed to feel a real keyboard. My daughter now has my tablet and I don’t even miss it.

You love hanging with older people – I don’t have many friends on age with me. All of my friends are around 8-10 yrs older than I am. I find that older people are about business and people my age aren’t quite there. (Unless they grew up old school like me) Older people have been there done that and they will tell you exactly what you may be getting into when it comes to business, men, jobs, life. I love a person who has been there done that. I can hear their mistakes and stories and come to a better conclusion for my life.

You are calm in certain situations – Since I am an old soul I have been to a lot of funerals. I am calm when it comes to dealing with lost. I am calm when kids fall down and scrape their leg….omm their kids that will happen. I remember a friend of mine who just had a baby and her baby got shots the baby had a fever afterwards she panicked and went crazy thinking her baby needed an ambulance….really. Get a cool cloth get the fever down then calmly call your child’s doctor office and they will walk you through the next steps. It happens as you get older you will get calmer. Being calm allows you to stop. Wait. Listen. Then decide what steps to take next.

You value deep connections – You want real and true friends. I did a post a while ago on friendship and personally I am only looking for people who value where I am in my life right now.  Half-hearted friendships, surface-level relationships and fly-by-night hook-ups are not my thing. My circle stays great because I don’t want anything half when it comes to connections.

Are you an old soul?

Are you an old soul?

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