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Life is about choices. With each day you’re given, you can choose to live or to merely exist. How do I know this? Because life has not been kind to me and if you’ve experienced loss the way have, you’d understand why I’ve decided to live my life out loud and unfiltered, instead of letting it beat me down and pass me by.

My name is Kita Bryant. I am a widowed mom of two beautiful kids (a boy and a girl). I’m also a blogger, photographer, and social media marketer, but I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.

I grew up in Charleston, SC and moved to Atlanta, GA to attend college. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a concentration in marketing and management. Don’t let the fancy degree fool you, though! My tongue is sharper than a ninja’s sword and I cuss more times a day than some people think a mom should (good thing other people’s opinions don’t matter, right?).

One thing you can take to the bank about me is that I always say what’s on my mind. I give it to you straight – raw and uncut, with no bullshit. Ever.

Here’s why that’s important to me.

In 2005, my grandmother died. She meant a lot to me and the loss hit me hard. Within one year after that, my mom, aunt, and an uncle also passed away. In 2016, the few pieces of my heart that I had left were shattered when my husband died.

Losing so many loved ones taught me the true meaning of tomorrow not being promised. I had to get real with myself and decide if I was going to let grief rob me of the chance to be who I wanted to be. Confronting that truth inspired me to cut through the BS and always keep it real with people. We all save precious time and love more authentically that way.

Keeping it real is my approach to life and to business. That’s how my site got it’s name. is where you’ll get to learn more about my story on my blog. We talk about everything here from entrepreneurship to photography to food and travel. If you’re a rule breaker who marches to the beat of your own drum, you’ll be right at home.

But, the site isn’t just about me. Through photography and social media marketing, I’m able to help my clients tell their own stories with honesty, humor, and courage. Storytelling is my passion and I love that part of my work.

Thanks for stopping by. Shoot me an e-mail at to say hey, learn more, or ask a question. Keep reading for some more fun (and less heavy) facts about me!

My favorite color is burgundy

I hate any type of peas…all of em

My favorite food is nachos from Moe’s

I live at Chick Fil A….part time

I love Spring

I played basketball

I also sang and played the piano….but I would like to not relive that part of my life

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