A few weeks ago we brought you the post on how college kids can save money with JCPenney. If you missed the post make sure you check it out here. Today I want to bring you the college night life scene with a few options for under $100. First let me say this…

As a young college student or even a high school student we must be aware of our surroundings and listen to what our parents have drilled in us for many years. Stranger danger still exists no matter how old you get. Be careful if you are a new college student and you aren’t use to the night life scene. I know I wasn’t. I grew up in a private school and I was limited in high school mostly because I didn’t have money to go out and party all the time and I wanted to get my lessons. When I got to college it was a culture shock for me with all the partying and going out on school nights so I was thrown into that lifestyle and my grades slipped that first semester because of it. I learned quickly though and got them back up from then on but I want you all to be safe so I will share a few tips below on how you have fun but be safe in the process. First let’s get to these outfits….ladies first…


I love this blue and can you tell she’s a dancer! I think that first time college kids should wear something that enhances who they are. She loves to dance so she needed a dress to fit that.

_MG_9521 _MG_9473

She took her shoes off for this one because we felt that this dress….it was the perfect way to be free. As a young lady whose a freshmen you want to make sure you aren’t showing all of your goods but just sexy enough for a great night out. Her dress was less than $25…yep I am not kidding right at JCPenney.


Her date is calling her so she gotta go but we love this dress so much and we hope she has a blast on her night out….Mommy and Aunty may or may not be lurking….honestly we wanted to go dancing too but we feel that we were just too old and the kids protested that we stay at home.

A night out with college kids

Her brother though who is a little older gets to stay out just a tad bit later because he has girls to see and money to spend……well spend at Chick Fil A because he does not have fine dining money options lol. College kids gotta eat what they can and if you want to take a girl out you have to make sure she loves you when you are broke. My hubs took me out to a wing joint on our first date. I didn’t care because I loved him and he could have did a date with soda and popcorn and I would have been there.

_MG_9465 A night out with college kids

He got a call from one of his friends …..who asked him about the girl he was taking out *side eye* he said she aight…….what is that supposed to mean…ahhh these college kids.

He of course is wearing Arizona’s from JCPenney. We love that he adds his chain because that’s who he is. It’s casual and nice for a great night out to pick up some food and a movie. Of course he isn’t going dancing he is actually going on a date so he wanted something comfy and something with some color. Pants and shirts were buy one get one 1 cent….so he only paid for the jeans which was more than the shirts. Less than $25 for the entire outfit. A steal because he has just enough to take his young lady out and to a great movie!

Here are some quick tips that you can pass on to your college student

  • Don’t ever leave your drink…ever
  • If you are going clubbing make sure you do not drink and drive and have one designated driver or make sure you arrive in a taxi or uber
  • Go with a group if you can….even double dating would be great until you get use to the area (especially if it’s a new town or city)
  • Have your phone charged because it can go dead quickly and you want to be able to reach someone in case of an emergency
  • Tell someone where you are going. I remember my mom would make me check in every night no matter the time to make sure I was safely back in my dorm room. She didn’t hear from me one night and guess who met me at the door….the police.
  • Don’t give out your info to anyone even that cute boy whose in your class. Meet in a neutral place where it’s busy and never bring him back to your dorm room unless people are there.
  • Don’t try to spend all of your money trying to have a good time. You don’t want to run out of money especially if you don’t have a job while in college

When you went to college how was your freshmen year? Did you party? Tell us the truth!

A night out with college kids

I received compensation in exchange for writing this review. All opinions are my own! 

A night out with college kids

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