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A day in the life of a Social Media Manager

March 27, 2016

A social media manager didn’t exist a few years ago….today most companies can’t run without one. It saddens me when small businesses don’t take advantage of Social Media Managers. I know two small companies that let their high school kids run their social accounts. High school kids know their social media but do they know how to grow your social media? Do they know how to word the statuses to get people to click? Do they use graphics? Do they engage? 9 times out of 10 they just post up links that you tell them but how would it be if you didn’t have to tell them anything? What if you had a social media manager who did things without you telling them what to do…that would save you a lot of time.

Social media managers don’t sleep…we are always on. That’s the one thing about being a social media manager…we have to be on 7 days a week there is no real vacation especially if you are running other people’s account. You have to be on to answer people who @ you, something going on in your hometown that has to do with your business…you need to know (even if you are out of the state), customer service…yes people have questions at 11pm at night. A social media manager can make or break your business because some social media managers let their personal life or beliefs get in the way of their job. We can be your voice….or a PR nightmare.

day in the life of a social media manager

I have been a social manager for over 2 years and it takes planning and careful consideration. My day is not glamorous but it’s fun for me. Here is how my day goes……….

  1. I get up in the mornings and check all of my accounts. Since I only sleep maybe 3 to 4 hours at night I don’t miss much so at 6 in the mornings (between getting kids ready for school and breakfast and getting them to school) to about 8 I am checking all of my accounts to see if anyone had questions, concerns, or if someone said something with a hashtag.
  2. After I reply, rt, and comment I start gathering info and news for each account that I have. I look on different platforms to gather info, I look at the local news in the area for anything breaking, I also do research on national holidays and find a way to be creative with each of my clients.
  3. I then monitor the accounts for the entire day making sure I respond. This is an all day thing, I have over 10 accounts that I manage and they each have 3-4 social networks that I have to monitor….so I am looking at about 50+ accounts all day long. This is the part where you have to be on. My laptop and cell phone is always on. I check alerts at least every hour and scan through them. Most of the time I only have to respond to a few accounts but sometimes you have to respond to all of them depending on if someone has a question.

Let me take a moment to break and say this. You need to make sure you know the business you are handling. Learn that business, know the food they sell, know the managers, know what days they have specials, know where they are located, know what time they open and close. I have each account written down in my evernote with notes on each client where I can mostly answer a question without the manager coming on to answer or me asking the manager a question. Sometimes I do get a question that only the manager can answer but even then I still reply letting the customer know that we are working on the answer. I just had someone ask me a question on social media about school closings ( I run an account for a private school) for Columbus day. I need to know that info so that I can answer quickly.

4. I spend the evenings scheduling out content for the next day. I pay for services that allow me to schedule out all of my clients social networks even instagram ๐Ÿ™‚ I make sure I schedule out one account at a time to make sure spelling is correct, graphics are on point, and making sure I use hashtags correctly. I also get last minute details from clients about something they want to put up so I leave enough room to add that if I need to.

Key Points

  • Learn your clients
  • You are on all day…if you can’t be on all day (minus the few hours of sleep at night) then social media management is not for you
  • It would be great if you are a people person on and offline
  • Not every company needs all of the social networks but it helps if you can use most of them. As a social media manager you need to know what will work for each of your clients on each platform. What works on FB won’t work on twitter.
  • Keep up with the trends it’s important to stay on top of social media news
  • Stock photos are your friend and there are times when you will have to take pictures for your clients. Do not just get photos from google…create them, buy them, or ask the client to send you some.

The pay: On average social media clients who are just starting off won’t make as much. I say maybe 20,000 a year if you come in strong. I know one person who makes more than 52,000 a year doing social media.

You can do social media as one person but I find that if you work for a company or with a company you can get more done. With Kokoa Media I have 3 people working with me to make sure I give the best to my clients.

So now it’s your turn. Could you be a social media manager? What do you love or hate about social media?

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    Angel Healy
    April 11, 2016 at 9:18 am

    What I love about social media is that you get to have first hand information from the different people, especially from the clients. You get to interact with them easily. They can instantly express their sentiments to you. I, myself is practicing in our company some of the key points you’ve mentioned.

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