When you first start a business, unless you’ve been through that wild ride before, it’s hard to realize everything you will need, especially if the business takes off and begins expanding. Having programs to help you organize your business makes life feel much lighter. Google is one of those companies that has a plethora of very handy apps and programs dedicated to making business life feel like a breeze. Most of these apps and programs have a free version that, in my opinion, is pretty good compared to most free versions. Either way, below are eight ways Google can make your business load lighter.

  1. Google Drive – Hello! This program is my saving grace. I had the free version for a while which allowed for up to 15G of storage. That’s a ton! Google Drive allows me to have tons of separate folders all for different clients. I can send the link to each client so that only the both of us can see its contents. It’s secure and very user friendly. Plus, it’s nice to store it there instead of on my computer since computers crash. I never have to worry about losing all my documents or my clients not having access to them. I decided to pay the $1.99 per month to up my storage limit to 100G. Well worth it, let me tell you.
  2. Google Docs – Google seriously hit it out of the ballpark with this one. Anyone can send you a file through Google Docs and instead of needing Word to open it or some other similar program, you can open it up and edit it right there and the program is just as comprehensive as any other program you have to pay for. You can even create documents in it. Plus, it stores the documents you create just in case you need to edit or get a copy later.
  3. Google Sheets – This is similar to Google Docs but it’s all about spreadsheets. I have some clients who have some pretty crazy spreadsheets. They often create them in Google Sheets and then simply send me the access link which allows me to work and edit the sheet while allowing them to do the same thing. Plus, it has real time editing which means if I make any changes or my clients do, I can see those immediately. It’s very handy and I’m not so sure my business would be smooth without it.
  4. Gmail – I know a lot of people like to stick with Yahoo or Hotmail or whoever they’ve been with since the dawn of time, but when I switched to Gmail, it was an entirely different experience. It’s so clear and concise, has different lifestyles in mind including business minded folks, and has an impeccable organization that’s perfect for keeping correspondences in order. Plus, if you like their other programs, Gmail isn’t a must to use them but it connects them all for easier handling. Did I mention it allows you to video chat with contacts?
  5. Apps – Google has an app for your phone for all of its programs so you don’t have to worry about lugging your computer around. Just need to take some notes with you or forgot to bring an important file? No problem, get it from your phone or tablet.
  6. Google Calendar – This program will blow you away. If you have multiple employees with shifts or just need a comprehensive scheduling tool, this is your best bet. Not only does it allow you to color code each schedule if desired, it allows you to share the calendar with other people. This also offers live edits which means if someone needed a last minute schedule swap, the edits will be seen immediately. You can also setup reminders to come to your phone or tablet for anything scheduled.
  7. Google Forms – Can I just say, if Google were a person, I would be in love with them simply over this program. This program allows you to make up any form you like. If you need to do a survey, great! If you need to make a job application, no problem! The best part about it is the fact that it’s so dang user-friendly. Make up whatever kind of form you need and you simply send the link to whoever needs it.
  8. Google Slides – I haven’t had to put together a presentation in a while but when I did, the only and best way to do it was with the Microsoft program that wasn’t necessarily cheap. Thankfully, I was able to use the college computers to complete the task. No need to worry about downloading software or paying out the wahzoo for a gorgeous presentation. Google slides allows you to create, edit, share, and store presentations/slideshows. Much nicer than the latter option, if you ask me.
    Overall, Google is my go-to for affordable and great services that make me feel like running a business and watching it grow isn’t as heavy as it seems.

8 Tips for Using Google for Your Business

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