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8 tips to prepare your yard for Spring

March 14, 2017

Well, spring is upon us and the warmer temperature is proof of that. My grass is starting to get much greener and my poor dead trees are livening up a bit. I always like to give my yard a bit of a pep talk before spring fully hits so we can get the most out of the season. Here are a few tips to preparing your own yard!


  1. Fix Bare Spots – If your lawn got a beating over the winter or even through the harsh summer and hasn’t recouped yet, grab some grass seed. Loosen up the soil in the bare spot and throw a bit of grass seed over it. In no time, your lawn won’t look like an aging gentleman who refuses to admit he’s balding.
  2. Rake Up Those Leaves – Over the fall and winter, your lawn collects random dead debris such as leaves and sticks. This can cause your lawn to have trouble growing. Give your yard a once over with the rake so it can breathe and start growing a little better. A few leaves and things won’t hurt it at all, in fact it will feed it but too many will kill it.
  3. Think About Fertilizer – It’s never a bad idea to give your lawn a sprinkle of fertilizer to kick start its growth. Not only will it help it get a boost in growing, it will give it a healthier look and color as well.
  4. Prune Those Trees – We have a couple trees in the front yard that always end up needing a bit of a touch-up after winter. We have a lot of wind come through as well so ensuring any loose or dead branches are removed, will keep the trees healthy and ensure dead branches don’t fall on the house or something else.
  5. Clean Up Those Flower Beds – Over the colder months, flower beds (if you have any) are usually forgotten or cleared out until the warmer weather arrives. Be sure to get your flower bed cleaned up, as in, break up the dirt, relay the bed liner, remove weeds, etc. You may even be able to add in some starter or tester plants at this point.
  6. Add a Bird Feeder – The best way to prepare for spring, in my opinion, is to add a bird feeder to one of your trees or on the porch. It attracts the plump little birds that make spring feel even more real, plus, it’s fun to watch the birds. It not only adds décor but it adds a bit of liveliness to your yard as well.
  7. Give the Yard a Once Over with the Mower – Most of us don’t even touch our lawn over the winter because it feels pointless. However, once the warmer weather moves in, growing starts to occur. So, before you rake, give your yard a little clipping and then rake it to get rid of all the extra unneeded junk. This will ensure healthy grass is coming through.
  8. Repair Winter Damage – A yard isn’t just grass and trees, it involves walkways, or décor as well. The winter months can wreak havoc on things like water fountains and other décor in a yard. Go around and check any if your walkways, your fountains, or other décor and be sure any damage is repaired and it’s ready to take on spring.

There are a lot of fun ways you can prepare for spring and preparing your yard is only one step. What do you do to prepare your yard for spring or just to prepare for spring in general?

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