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Every Tuesday we will have some tips…..all of them will be 8 tips for various things. Join us every Tuesday for your daily tips of the week. This week let’s get ready for college.

College can be hard and confusing but as long as you are focused and have your ducks in a row, it will feel a lot easier than you expected. I have a friend who has worked as an admissions representative at a college for almost ten years. The biggest thing that causes stress for students and make them want to quit is paperwork. Not even the schoolwork but the paperwork. Check out the 8 tips below that will help you feel prepared for college.

  1. Do you have your high school transcript or GED on hand? If not, get an official copy of it and DO NOT unseal the envelope. Colleges will not accept a transcript or GED as official if the envelope has been opened. All colleges will need a copy of this.
  2. Are you using financial aid? Has the file been completed by the college? Stay on top of bugging the college about your financial aid. If you don’t, they won’t keep up with it, especially if there are things that still need to be done on your end. Make sure you stay on top of it until they say it is complete. Then mark it off your list and move on.
  3. Have you filled out a FAFSA? This is one of the top forms of financial aid and is your best bet at getting easy help for college that you don’t have to pay back. Look it up and fill it out. There’s no guarantee you will receive anything but t’s worth filling it out.
  4. Have you gotten all your wiggles out? Don’t try to go to college if your mind isn’t in it. Take a vacation or do something with friends before you start classes so you feel like your wiggles are out and you’re ready to go. Focus is key if you want to be successful at college.
  5. Have you registered for classes? When an admissions person talks to you about classes, sometimes it can be confusing and you think you are ready to go. That’s not always true. Check to make sure you’re officially in classes before assuming.
  6. Does your school have a payment plan? Many schools, whether you’re using financial aid or not, have a payment plan stating how you will pay for classes. Make sure this is filled out because some schools will drop you from your classes if it is not filled out by a certain date.
  7. Don’t forget your books and supplies! Many people get registered for classes and forget they need books and by then they have to pay sky high prices. Don’t be afraid to get the ISBNs off the bookstore website and search them online. They often give a better deal than bookstores for colleges. Also, you will definitely need a laptop, notebooks, and pencils for college.
  8. Make sure you know your online login for the college before you get started with classes. Many colleges these days, whether you’re taking seated classes or not, will have some things online they need you to do. Also, checking your student email is the best way to not miss important announcements or updates from the school.

8 tips to get ready for college

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