Some days, I hate going into my garage. I hate seeing how cluttered it’s gotten since we moved in. We stacked storage boxes in there and then just kept stacking random stuff to be stored in random spots all over the garage until it just became a maze of randomness. We can walk through it but we have to take certain paths because there’s no middle to the garage right now. I have dreaded the spring cleaning process I know needs to happen for my garage. Sometimes, making a plan or a list of things to do in order to declutter my garage helps me get the ball rolling. If you’re like me and struggling to get started on that big garage cleanup, here are a few great ways to declutter that garage.


  1. Get rid of things you never use – This can be hard. No need to get rid of keepsakes but that bulletin you kept from church 8 years ago…it can be tossed. Be sure you’re not keeping things that are only going to take up space and have little to no value. This can be big items as well. If you have a stack of empty kitty litter buckets (like me) get rid of them, you’re never going to use them, let’s be honest here.
  2. Add more storage space – The best thing I have ever done for my garage is add two more shelves. I added one that hung from the ceiling so I could place the long-term storage boxes out of site and out of mind. Then, I added a large shelf in the corner which came in handy for small boxes, sleeping bags, etc. Having more storage spaces allows you to get more floor space back!
  3. If it doesn’t belong in the garage, put it where it goes – It’s too easy to just throw everything in the garage. However, sometimes it doesn’t belong in there. If you’re storing toilet paper in your garage, that’s odd and you should move it to the bathroom or a closet inside the house. At least, that’s how I see it!
  4. Get a bungee rope to hold your rakes and brooms – I have a garage broom, shovels, and rakes that just kind of chill on the floor or in the corner. They’re always falling over and are just odd to store sometimes. If you attach a bungee cord or just stretchy cord to your wall, you can put any of those types of items behind it. Not only does it stand them up but it also gets them out of the way.
  5. Get a bike rack – I store our bikes in the garage but boy, do they take up a lot of room. They make bike racks that act as a stand of sorts. It allows the bikes to sit and be stored in a more organized and compact manner. I do believe they also have a bike hanger which hangs from the ceiling or wall, getting your bikes off the floor which makes a ton more space.
  6. Get a clutter box – I have some items that don’t really have a good spot. They’re those odd items that you would throw in a junk drawer. There’s no shame in having a little junk box for your garage. It’s a lot better than throwing them in random spots making it look messy.
  7. Get a tool box – We used to have tools strewn all about the garage. We didn’t really have anywhere to put them so they would lay on the shelves, on top of the freezer, etc. We got one of those little tool boxes with wheels and it made a huge difference, especially when we needed to find a tool, it wasn’t like a game of hide and seek.
  8. Get wall boxes – I call them wall boxes but they are little things that look like plastic drawers only smaller. They’re mini wall hanging organizers. We put ours in over our work table which worked amazing to put screws, nails, drill bits, etc. in so they weren’t just rolling about in random places. You pop tires that way, I learned that quickly.

Cleaning up the garage can actually get a little fun once you get into it. When you turn around and look at the finished product, you will feel so good about yourself.

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