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8 Tips on Giving Back this holiday season

November 8, 2016

The holidays are all about giving and celebrating with family. Remembering who we love and cherishing the times we have with them. However, there are some families who don’t get to enjoy this to its fullest extent because life has thrown them a curveball. Some may be stuck in the hospital, nursing homes, have no money, stuck at a job, etc. Whatever it may be, the holidays aren’t as joyous for everyone and truly, that breaks my heart as it should yours. I love this holiday and truly wish that all people have a moment of joy to remember each year no matter what they’re going through. Here are 8 tips on giving back this holiday season!

Give to a charity – I have a friend who helps handout Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners every holiday season to 1,000 families. There are so many out there just struggling to eat for the holidays that presents and such are a distant thought. Give money or donate holiday food items to a charity in your area that can use them to help others.

Bless a Worker – On Christmas day, there are many people who end up having to work. Take time on Christmas day to go to a local store that’s still open, and bless the workers in some way. Hand out cookies or $5 bills. Anything to brighten their time spent working and away from family.

Visit People in Nursing Homes – Whether it’s on Christmas day or during the holiday season in general, go visit someone in the nursing home. Many are abandoned by family and forgotten during the holiday season and this can be detrimental. Spread love by spending time with them or handing out baked goods.

Take a Family Shopping – I’ve seen parents so hard up for money that they were devastated at the fact they couldn’t get their children any presents. I know it sounds materialistic, but it’s part of celebrating and I wouldn’t want that for my children either. Take them out shopping for their kids or ask them some things their kids would like and deliver those items to them.

Volunteer to Ring a Bell – The Salvation Army helps so many every year and part of that money is raised by those who stand out in the bitter cold ringing a bell by a bucket. Volunteer to be one of those people.

Play the Tree Game – There are many businesses or places in your area that have either the names and ages of kids or the gender and age of a kid on ornaments or pieces of paper. Many of these have hints on what to get the child. Go by and pick one or two of these up and turn it in and help some kids enjoy Christmas this year.

Seek Out the Homeless – Sometimes this might not be safe to do with children, however, many people are on the streets for the holidays. Seek them out and give them a gift, a blanket, warm soup, anything to cheer them up.

Bless a Cop – Even during the holidays, cops and workers similar to them, still have to work and protect us so we can enjoy our holidays. You can take snacks or goods down to the police station or ask how you can brighten their holiday in advance and do something for them on Christmas day or find a way to thank them in a bigger way during the holiday season in general.

There are so many ways we can give back this holiday season. If you simply slow down and look at what others may need around you, it’s easy to find a way to give back. I’ve always loved the phrase, “See a need, fill a need.” It’s so true and so simple.

8 Tips on Giving Back this holiday season

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