Garage sales are one of my favorite things about warmer weather. You can find some pretty neat items for a great deal. Outside of that, they can help you clean out unwanted items as well as make you a little extra money while you’re at it. Here are a few tips to garage sales and ways to make money from them.

  1. Don’t’ Be Afraid to Work Deals – I’m not afraid to ask people for a lower price on an item. Further, I’m not afraid if someone is at my garage sale and asks for a lower price. You will run into this a lot at garage sales and it’s ok! Nobody expects a yes every time they ask for a lower price and neither should you. However, don’t let a “no” deter you from trying anyways, people might surprise you. Also, don’t be afraid to come down just a bit on your items but don’t go down so far that it’s not worth your time.
  2. Be Cheerful with People – It might sound odd but I have a friend who can sell a wort to a toad simply because she gets people in a good mood. She’s cheerful, chatty, and pleasant which gets them in a generous mood. She has always had great success at her garage sales so I try to follow suit when it comes to my own garage sales.
  3. Don’t Have Astronomical Prices – The quickest way to run people off is to have crazy prices on your items. Many will remember your spot as well and may not return or tell others to not waste their time, hurting future garage sales you might hold. Garage sales are meant for good deals and that’s what people are looking for so give them one. If not, you’re stuck with items and a lot to clean up.
  4. Have Concessions – Having something like drinks, cookies, candy bars, etc. for sale is a great way to gain a bit of extra cash. Many people who garage sale will make a day of it and will be out for hours. Having snacks and drinks can actually be really enticing. Don’t go all out though, try to keep items to a minimum and don’t buy a ton of them. You want to make money, not lose it. Baking your own goods is a great idea as well.
  5. Use Kids if You Have Them – I know this sounds creepy but kids are natural sellers. People will buy something even if they don’t want it simply because a kid charmed them into it. I have a friend who has her kid at the beverage stand simply because that’s what sells the drinks. Don’t be afraid to use them, they will love it, I promise.
  6. Be Clean and Organized – Too many times I will be deterred from a sale simply because it looks like a trashed mess. Nobody wants to buy your trash. Don’t put odds and ends out on the table unless you have a specific table labeled for that.
  7. Price Everything – If you don’t want to price each item then don’t, just have a table that’s specifically for that price. People want to know the prices of items and they will be more apt to browse if they know their price range.
  8. Hold it in a Convenient Spot – If you have a garage sale five miles outside of town, you won’t get many customers. People are all about convenience so make it easy for them to buy your stuff and they’ll buy it.

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