Everyone always has a New Year’s resolution and almost everyone never sticks to them. It seems to be a silly tradition that Americans have and it’s fun to joke about. However, let’s get serious. Every single one of us has something they could change about them that would make them a better version of themselves. Contrary to popular belief, it’s ok to change, there’s nothing bad about it. In fact, it shows true maturity to truly be able to step back and look at yourself objectively and be honest about the negative aspects weighing you down. So, let’s make this New Years a good one by going in with a new you! Here are 8 tips on how to do that.

  1. Set realistic goals. Unfortunately, some of us have lofty goals for ourselves which can be overwhelming. Ultimately, this will deter us from sticking to it. Set little goals and deadlines for yourself which will make it easier to stick with and make it feel more realistic.
  2. One thing at a time. Don’t try to focus on too many things at once. That’s overwhelming and again, it will ultimately make you want to quit. Choose one thing at a time and conquer that then on to the next thing.
  3. Quitting is not an option. Don’t let yourself fall into a habit of setting a plan, starting, and then quitting when it gets hard. It won’t be easy, tell yourself that now and also tell yourself quitting isn’t in the playbook.
  4. Get an accountability person or two if need be. Many of us are more willing to keep pushing through if we have someone we respect checking us on our progress. It may suck at times when they ask and push you on but remind yourself that’s why you chose them in the first place because that’s what you needed.
  5. Stay positive. The easiest way to kill your good vibes is by being negative nonstop. That’s unhealthy and will get you nowhere in life. When life sucks, stop yourself and immediately begin finding the positive no matter how hard because it’s always there…always.
  6. Be prepared mentally. Don’t just stumble into the changes. Prepare yourself. Set the day you will start and build yourself up to it. Not giving yourself a mental heads up or just ignoring it until the day arrives is no way to start big changes in life.
  7. Don’t think you’re the only one struggling. I guarantee you, you’re not alone at all in your struggles. You are human like everyone else and there are probably millions who are sharing the same feelings you are. No pity parties for yourself, that’s feeding into the negative side.
  8. Make a list. If need be, make a list of pros and cons for each change you feel you need to make for the new year. From time to time, pull out that list and remind yourself why you’re doing this and how much it will be worth it in the end.

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