When most of us think of social media, Snapchat is not the first thing that comes to mind because it feels like it’s more of a private social app rather than a public one. What I mean is that Facebook is a very open spot for content while Snapchat doesn’t involve posting things for the world to see. However, you would be surprised at what Snapchat can provide for a business so don’t count it out as a business-building tool. Here are a few tips for using Snapchat with your business.


  1. Use it for live moments. It’s not just like Facebook where they can watch it while it’s happening but you can send out a snap and they can watch it any time they want, including right as you send it which means they’re getting to see a first-hand account of what you’re doing right then. Use it for neat events or shows you participate in so they can participate with you. Make it feel more personal.
  2. Send something straight to each person without it looking strange. On Facebook and Twitter, etc. it’s sort of seen as spam to send out messages and even mass messages at that. With Snapchat, that’s what it’s meant for. So, you can send out a “mass message” to all your followers and each one will get a notification from you which makes the odds of them watching the snap ten times better than most social platforms.
  3. Host a contest. Make Snapchat fun and interesting as well as draw them in to want to see your snaps with a contest! Send a snap of yourself with the contest on a piece of paper or typed in the text box. Any way you want to do it, even doodles are fun!
  4. Do or Support Account Takeovers. If you’re an avid Snapchat user or follow brands and businesses on Snapchat, you’ve probably seen their Snapchat account being “taken over” by other popular users. It’s beneficial for someone with a large amount of followers to take over your account for say a week, because then their followers become interested in you as well.
  5. Focus on your followers. Your followers are literally your success. Without your followers you are nothing. This means you need to engage them by making it about them as much as possible. Feature them on your account from time to time; this can be connected to the contests mentioned above.
  6. Give Snapchat only previews. In other words, give them an even bigger draw to follow you on Snapchat by sending photos of behind the scenes, etc. that are only seen on Snapchat. They’re not staged and made to look perfect, raw photos.
  7. Don’t be afraid to participate and encourage that with your followers. Snapchat is setup to send snaps back and forth to people. Odds are, not everyone will snap you back but some will. Depending on how large your following is, it will most likely be impossible to answer them all back and that’s ok, that’s the novelty of it. Try as best you can to answer at least a few back each time you send one out and get responses back. Interact with them and encourage them to interact with you.
  8. Don’t be overly scripted or rehearsed. I mentioned already that your Snapchat photos don’t need to be staged, they can be raw which is part of the draw. It makes it real for your users. That’s what they want to see, the real you in your real environment. If you send out too many scripted things or rehearsed bits, it will be obvious and a turn off.

Snapchat is actually pretty easy to use to boost your business it’s just a matter of being active and finding what works. Most importantly, it’s being real. If you are on snapchat follow me @reallykita

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