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8 Tips for Storing and Organizing Your Photo Files

February 28, 2017

I don’t think I know one person who doesn’t have hundreds of photos just chilling on their computer or in their phone without any organization to them whatsoever. I’m guilty of this. I even have disposable cameras in a drawer somewhere that haven’t been developed since I used them years ago. Honestly, it would be nice to just be able to jump on the computer or my phone really quick and click the folder I need and immediately know where the photo I need is. Ha! That would never happen at this point. However, I have a few ways to get this mess under control and really, it wouldn’t take long at all. Here are my new found tips for getting that photo mess in order.


  1. Use Google Drive – Google Drive is free to Gmail users (using their email is free and awesome). It comes with 15 GB (which is a lot for photos) for free and then for only $1.99 a month, you can upgrade to 100 GB which is more than you should ever need. They’re super user-friendly and give you the option to make folders and then folders within folders. For example, you can make a Vacations folder, click on it, and inside make separate folders for each specific vacation. It gets them off your computer and allows you to access them from your computer, phone, and tablet.
  2. Get Physical Copies – I commend my grandmother for doing this but she has more time than I do. She took every single one of her files, got a hard copy made of them, and filled photo albums with them then put the albums in a sealed container and stored them away for safe keeping. She’s the only one who has photos of us kids now. Of course, when you get copies made, you have the option of getting the CD copy of them which she did and stored away as well. So, one physical copy and one digital copy, and she was set. It honestly was brilliant but I don’t think I have enough time to accomplish that one.
  3. Use an external hard drive – An external hard drive is basically a little contraption with a lot of storage space. However, it’s not attached to the computer and it’s small enough that it’s easy store but not too small so that it’s easy to use. It has the capability of making files on it like Google Drive does so you can organize the photos as you move them off your computer.
  4. Leave them on your computer – If you want to just leave the photos on your computer but organize them better, make files within files as explained above with the Google Drive and free up some space by turning them into zip files.
  5. Set a Reminder – It feels impossible to catch up on photos if you’ve not kept up on them. So, if you take pictures often like most of us do, set a reminder for yourself to at least once a month, take a day to download the photos off your phone, camera, device, etc. edit them, and put them into their correct folders. You’ll be ahead of the game and not have a mountain of photos that looks like death waiting to happen.
  6. Don’t be afraid to delete – If you’re like me, you’re afraid to delete the photos off the camera. It’s like we need 8 backups of that blurry photo of the ground. Once you’ve moved them from your device or computer, delete them to free up more space and further keep things organized.
  7. Scrapbook with them – Above I told you about my grandma using photo albums. Well, scrapbooking is also a great option when organizing physical copies. You can make notes next to the photos as a way to remember the memories correlated with them, etc. These make for great mementos that can be passed down to your children as well!
  8. Rename your photos – In order to find photos easier, name them using keywords or a title you will remember. This way, when searching for a specific photo on your computer, you have the option of just typing the name in the search and it will pop right up.

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