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8 Tips for saving on Fall Decor

September 13, 2016

The holidays feel like they suck you dry of every dollar you have. I love the holidays but it feels like they’ve been turned in to a competition of who can have the most Pinterest perfect home. I’m here to tell you that the holidays will still be wonderful and memorable even if your home doesn’t become the Pinterest perfect one you had imagined. Remember that the holidays are about making memories, not about the stuff. Anyways, we can’t just not decorate though so here are a few tips to decorating on a budget for the fall.

Dollar Store – Do not be embarrassed to hit up the dollar store. They have some really pretty and really neat stuff! I was impressed with the basic fall decorations they had already put out and have already bought a thing or two myself.

Make your own – Now, before you say, “That usually costs more!” realize that you do not have to pay an arm and a leg for adorable ideas. My friend put together an entire table of decorations for Thanksgiving including the place settings she made herself for no more than $15. Often times, you can get your own supplies and make it yourself for half the cost.

Pinterest – Now, Pinterest isn’t full of really hard ideas. In fact, I have found many things on Pinterest that were very easy to make and they turned out awesome! Just make sure to not go over your own head. We sometimes get excited and go beyond our talents which results in failure. Pinterest has saved me money times over because it is full of billions of ideas for every type of decoration.

Coupons – Most major craft stores such as Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, and Joanne’s has a reoccurring coupon for 40-50% one regularly priced item. There are often other coupons that come along with this. If you play it right, you could get some really cute items because craft stores usually have some really neat decorating items. Outside of craft stores, other coupons will be handy in general.

Thrift Stores – We sometimes get the same feeling going into a thrift store as we do going into the dollar store. Don’t be embarrassed, you can get some REALLY neat stuff at a secondhand store!

Buy throughout the year – As odd as it sounds, be looking at yard sales or after holiday sales in order to pick up some discounted or cheap items. You will have to store them, but it’s worth it if it saves a ton of money.

Stick to the basics – One of the best ways to save money while decorating is not going overboard. There are some very basic ways to decorate that will make your house look very festive without spending hundreds on fancy setups. For example, a few spray painted pumpkins and cornstalks will make your entire porch look gorgeous for fall.

Use what you have – We often times don’t realize what we own and how we can further utilize it in order to save money. Take a peek around the house or in storage and see what you have or what you could make out of the items you already own and you may not have to spend a dime.

8 Tips for saving on Fall Decor

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    Kenya G. Johnson
    September 13, 2016 at 3:06 pm

    I’ve visited friends homes that really have in going on in terms of decorating. I don’t have it in me. But in the same breath I know I can make something just as nice as what I’d find in the store. I think I will hit up Pinterest for some ideas. And I love that Hobby Lobby coupon.

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    Bren Pace
    September 14, 2016 at 9:33 pm

    Hey Kita,

    I’m not much for holiday decorating but I will admit, Family Dollar, Dollar Store, and especially Dollar Tree have awesome decor at fab prices. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


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