Going on vacation every summer is the highlight of my year. I absolutely love planning what the kids and I will do and how we will spoil ourselves. Not all vacations fit us though. I’ve tried the cruise thing. Although it can be fun for the adults, unless you go on a Disney cruise, it can get pretty boring for the kids. The thing is though, when we find something we like, that doesn’t mean that’s what we’re going to do every year from now on. We want to try something new. So, how do we know that we like it and that it fits us before we spend our money on it? Here are a few tips on finding the right vacation for you and your family.


  1. What’s your budget? – As a single mother, I have to have somewhat of a budget if I want to keep the lights on. We like to splurge but we still have limits. So, you want to make sure you know how much you can spend total and then go from there.
  2. What kind of location are you looking for? – There are many different types of vacations but they basically fit into larger categories. For example, do you want to do something that involves the beach? Do you want that beach to be out of the country? Do you need something that’s beachy but also has fun things for the kids to do outside of the beach? Do you want to forego the beach and enjoy the mountains? Ask yourself what type of scenery you’re looking for because that will narrow down the locations quite a bit for you.
  3. Flying or driving? – If you want to go out of the country, there’s no driving option. If you have some reason why you can’t fly or that’s out of the budget, then pick somewhere within driving distance. If it doesn’t matter and either one works, awesome. However, if it’s a longer distance, I don’t want to be stuck in the car for 20 hours trying to keep the kids happy so we opt for flying which makes it a much shorter trip. Plus, flying allows you to spend more time at your destination rather than spending more time traveling.
  4. How much time do you have? – Do you only have a couple of days for your vacation this time around? Then try to opt for something a little closer to you and maybe a little less complicated. There’s no reason to get super complicated over a trip when you’re only going to be able to enjoy it for a day or two. Close to home locations can be just as fun.
  5. All-inclusive or nah? – Cruises have one thing going for them, they’re usually all-inclusive which means that you have the option of food for every meal and it’s included in the main price. There are other options outside cruises that are all-inclusive. However, the only pitfall is that you’re limited to what they offer and sometimes, you’re limited to the time they offer it as well. If you want to have more options, or don’t want to be held to a certain time to eat, all-inclusive can be tricky. Also, all-inclusive usually costs more which means, in a way, you’re paying for the food. If you don’t plan on eating what they have very often, then you will have to find or pay for food elsewhere which can end up becoming more expensive.
  6. All day fun or relaxing? – Are you looking for a vacation that has a lot of downtime or are you looking for a day packed with nonstop fun and adventure? Answering this question will narrow your choice significantly.
  7. Do you want to swing by and see relatives? – If you’re hoping to include a trip to see relatives in with your vacation, try to find a location that goes right by them or close to them. That way, you’re not having to go too far out of your way but you’re still getting in that visit.
  8. Location – If you’re looking for a safer environment, opt for a city that hasn’t been in the news a million times recently or is smaller. Large cities are often the focal point of crime so avoiding those will help ease your mind.

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