Many of us have never been victims of our homes being broken into. However, it’s happened a lot and the number of incidents is rising every day due to the poor state of our current society. It would be nice to say that with the advancements in technology and science that our society would be getting better but it’s truly not. In fact, it seems like the opposite is happening. People are just finding more and more creative ways to go about their shenanigans instead of being diverted from them. Even though society has changed throughout the years, one thing has not changed, and that is what deters a person from breaking and entering. Here are a few tips to help lessen the chances of a break-in.

  1. Keep it well lit – No criminal wants to try and break into a house that is lighted outside. They need to be sneaky and unseen and if the house is lit from front to back and all around, they will likely not give a second look. Motion censored lights are good choice for this because then the lights aren’t on 24/7 wasting electricity. They’ll only pop on when motions force them too.
  2. Don’t have large piles of junk – I say junk but I’m not saying your possessions are junk. However, that’s how a burglar sees it. If you have a ton of stuff stacked up around your house making it look a little trashy or unkempt, burglars think that less attention will be paid to houses like this. It’s called the broken windows theory and has been proven in criminal justice theory many times over.
  3. Keep your house looking nice – This connects to the last tip, if your house looks rundown with major paint issues, broken windows, holes, whatever, this turns your home into a target. Again, criminals see this as an easy hit because they feel that nobody will care much about this type of place.
  4. Keep doors and windows secured – I often like sleeping with a window open but unfortunately, in this day and age, it’s just not safe. Before you leave the house or go to bed, be sure to check all windows and doors are secured and locked. This gives them no chance of easy or quiet access into the home.
  5. Don’t be afraid to pay for quality locks and windows – The phrase, “You get what you pay for.” doesn’t always ring true for everything but it does for windows and locks. Get locks that aren’t easily picked. They sell some that need a specific code in order to unlock them which can’t be hacked. Further, if you have cheap windows, their latches are easily broken from the outside with a little pressure. Get nice solid windows—they’re worth the money.
  6. Don’t live in a secluded area of town – It’s not often you hear of people being robbed in the country but if you live “in” town but just in a more secluded spot, then you’re the perfect target. Nobody will hear or see anything. Burglars will often pay attention to your routine and know how long you will be gone. If you live in a secluded spot of town, they could take all the time in the world because not only are they unseen and unheard but they’re a quick trip into town and freedom.
  7. Get security cameras/alarm/dog – Statistics show that burglars are A LOT less likely to enter a home if you own a dog. Especially one they can hear or see through the window. A sign alerting people of a dog helps as well. Alarms are a great tool but if you’re not home, police don’t always get there in time, leaving it pointless to even have an alarm. Alarms are great for when you’re home. They can alert you to an intruder which allows you to take action while waiting for the police. Many times, a burglar will abort his mission if he sees lights start coming on or hears someone in the house once the alarm goes off. Statistics show that burglars don’t always run away when an alarm goes off if they don’t see or hear anyone in the house after it’s tripped. Many of them will know the response time of the cops and will do as much as they can within that time period. Security cameras are a great backup. A sign stating you have them on the property helps. Not to mention, if they still break-in, you will have footage of them which gives you a good chance of catching them.
  8. Pay attention to your surroundings – Burglars commonly scope out places for days, maybe even months, depending on the size of the plan and their abilities. Keeping an eye out for lingering people or cars that are unfamiliar in your area is a good way to help identify intruders before they can strike. If you notice something suspicious, call the police station and make the report. Often times, even if they weren’t an intruder, there may have been other criminal acts in the works.

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