There’s something about warmer weather that makes all of us want to look our best. We all jump in and tackle those health goals we’ve been thinking about but never had the umph to follow through with. I like to attribute it to the fact that the sun gives us an extra boost of energy and there’s no cold to fatigue us. Getting a flat tummy can be a long process but following a super strict diet isn’t the only way to accomplish it. Here are a few tips for having that flat tummy you’re wanting.

  1. Eat Fat-Burning Foods – Foods such as pineapple and cinnamon naturally burn fat. Cinnamon is often used in desserts which is not very helpful in getting a flat tummy but if added to things such as a cup of tea, it can really make a big difference on getting that extra burn on outside of exercising.
  2. Drink Plenty of Water – I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times but drinking water seriously makes a huge difference. Want to know why? Not only does your body need hydration to work at its best, but if you burn off fat, drinking a lot of water helps in flushing that excess fat out of your system.
  3. Get Rid of Fake Sugars – Unless it’s natural sugar that comes in fruit, etc., stay away from it, that includes diet beverages. You’re not doing your body any favors by trying to fake a sweetener and it’s not buying it either. Go ahead, do a quick Google of how your body reacts to fake sugars, you’ll thank me later.
  4. Watch That Sodium – Another reason diet beverages are harsh on the body is the amount of sodium in them. If your sodium intake is high, you will retain water like a pregnant woman’s nightmare which will result in a swollen belly, gained weight, or no loss of weight. It’s not fun and can put you two steps back.
  5. Cardio, Cardio, Cardio – Everyone hates it. I hate it. The world and all its wonder hates it. However, the quickest way to a flat tummy is working on that stubborn stored fat. That stubborn stored fat is commonly stored in the tummy. Do something to get your heart rate up to a minimum of 120 bpm and keep it there for 20 minutes and you’ve done what is necessary. It doesn’t take special exercises and moves to get cardio in. I have a friend who runs in place in front of her TV and it works! No treadmill, no fancy equipment, it’s easy and convenient. If you want to push yourself, the more cardio you do, the more your body will burn that stubborn fat.
  6. No Late Eating – Leave yourself at least 2.5 hours after eating before you go to bed. That means, 2.5 hours where you will still be somewhat active so your body has a chance to still be burning fat. This one is hard for some because of busy schedules. However, if necessary, eat a light snack or a light meal in place of a full blown heavy dinner. This will be much better for your body to sleep on.
  7. Watch Your Carb Intake – Carbs are the worst at being the culprits for causing stubborn belly fat. Keep your carb intake at a minimum and don’t go overboard and you will see a huge difference in your overall health, and that stubborn belly fat will melt away.
  8. Don’t Sit for Too Long – One of the worst causes of belly fat is sitting in a static position for long periods in a day. Many of us hold desk jobs that require us to sit for long periods. This is harsh on your body as a whole but is specifically a hindrance to losing that belly fat. Try to find ways to keep your sitting to a minimum of 3 hours a day, not counting when you’ve gone to bed. You will see a huge increase in belly fat reduction if you’re able to accomplish this.

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