Etsy has become one of my favorite sites over the years. It was a brilliant idea to bring a site together largely based on homemade items. The neatest part about Etsy is the fact that it has so many unique items which stem purely from the imagination of its sellers. These unique items are not something you would find anywhere else. Further, if you’re looking for something very specific and just can’t find it, Etsy has a large amount of its sellers who would make custom items to fit exactly what you want or need. If you have ideas or items you have created, Etsy makes it extremely easy to get a store setup on their site. Here’s are a few tips to buying and selling on Etsy for those who love it just as much as I do or for those who are just finding out about it.



Don’t settle for the first item that pops up in search – This might sound silly but Etsy has a few of its sellers who like to take an item that is barely adjusted from a store bought item and then raise the price by a lot. I have found that searching through a few pages and taking my time in selecting an item turned out in me receiving the better value as well as a better product.

Don’t be afraid to ask the seller – If you’re unsure about an item or it’s missing a detail you would really like to know, message the seller. Most are serious about their products and helping their customers and will usually answer pretty quickly or in less than 48 hours. If it takes you forever to finally hear back from them, I wouldn’t buy from them because that means you could potentially have issues with finally getting the item. Usually if you have a specific aspect about an item that you need, most are willing to make it the way you prefer without charging more.

Check the shipping – Sometimes when an item seems cheaper, odds are, the shipping is higher to make up for the difference. The shipping cost for each specific item is always included in the page listing. Take a second to scroll down and click on the shipping details so you know the full price.

Be careful buying from China – I’m not racist I promise. However, most often the stores from China included on Etsy are some of the same ones found on eBay selling super cheap items that seem awesome until they arrive and you realize why they were so cheap.



Don’t be flippant about your pricing – Take care in knowing your item, the time put into it, the amount spent on supplies, and price it accordingly. You don’t’ want to cheapen yourself and end up spending a lot of time and money on your product with very little return. You will also want to take into account the percentage both PayPal and Etsy take out of each item you sell plus the fee Etsy charges for you to add each listing. These aren’t high fees but they do add up so again, price accordingly.

Be business smart with the items you choose to list – Do a quick search on Etsy for the items you would like to list in your Etsy store. If a ton of pages pop up for the same item, odds are, it will be difficult for you to sell that specific item. Any business person will tell you that your item needs to be more on the unique side or have a huge draw. If you have the same items as everyone else, your business won’t go far. If you do have similar items, find a way to make them be more unique or stand out in search.

Use amazing photography – As with anything being searched, amazing, eye-catching photos are the key to drawing people in. Even if you have a basic item that many others sell, with amazing photography, you may draw in more than the average person simply by using great photos.

Be short and sweet but overly detailed all at once – In each of your listings, list the item with all the details you would want if you were buying an item. However, don’t be longwinded in your listing because people will lose focus. Use a short and catchy/funny/intriguing intro of a sentence or two about the item and then in a bulleted list add the details of the item. Again, short and sweet wins the game.

Overall, I believe Etsy is a neat place to buy and sell. I had a friend who sold on Etsy and she did quite well. There are too many tips to include in one post but I hope these have helped. Have you ever bought or sold on Etsy? Do you have any great tips that would help the buying or selling experience to be smoother?

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