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8 tips for acing your next job interview

August 2, 2016

It can be nerve-wracking walking into a job interview and all of us wish there was some magic formula that allowed us to get the job every time. However, that’s not going to happen and just acing the interview doesn’t guarantee a position but it helps a lot. Below are 8 tips to remember when gearing up for your next job interview.

Be confident. Don’t be overly confident to where you come across as snooty but carry yourself strong and tall. Use consistent eye contact, no shifting your gaze down and away all the time. Give nice firm handshakes and not weak limp ones.

Don’t ramble on. Although employers love to hear that you have confident and well thought out answers, talking too long could keep them from other important duties. By all means, don’t stumble over yourself trying to answer and give a bit of thought to the question they ask you, but don’t draw it out unnecessarily.

Dress nice. Whether you’re going to apply at the dirtiest place in the world or not, dress up. Put your best foot forward in looking sharp and put together. This speaks volumes to just about every employer. I can’t tell you how many managers I know who have skipped applications because the person who handed it in didn’t even take the time to put a nice shirt on and do the basics.

Carry an extra copy of your resume. Many places will not need another copy if you’ve turned one in but you will never know when the interviewer may want to look at your resume. If they don’t always have it on hand and you have a copy, brownie points for being prepared and organized.

Know the basics about the company where you’re applying. Know the name of the person interviewing you, know the basic information of the company such as what they stand for and what their goal is, what some of their popular products or services are, etc. You’ll be surprised how many interviewers talk like you already know everything that goes at their company. Knowing the basics will assist in a smoother interview because they will not have to stop and explain.

Arrive early but not too early. If you arrive too early, that can be a little annoying. There’s no need to get to an interview 20 minutes early unless advised to. If you arrive this early, I suggest waiting in the car until closer to the interview time. Walking in 5-7 minutes is perfect. It’s not too early and not too late.

Don’t ignore other employees you encounter. What I mean by this is, don’t only treat the interviewer and higher ups nicely, treat the other employees and clients/customers you might run into with the same respect. Leave a stellar first impression with everyone.

Ask your own questions. Even if it’s only one or two, prepare questions beforehand about the position. Such as, what’s the payment arrangement, what’s expected of me in my position, etc. As important questions, not meaningless ones you could easily find out on your own as public knowledge.

There’s no telling what certain twists and turns you will face in a job interview but if you follow these basics, you should have no problem keeping up and acing it!

8 tips for acing your next job interview

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    August 3, 2016 at 12:43 am

    These are good tips. I couldn’t believe my cousin accepted a job without knowing the pay right out of college. Turns out it was a part-time/temporary job. I haven’t interviewed in 10 years but these were all relevant back then too. Of course that question “what is your weakness” was always the tricky one for me.

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    October 12, 2016 at 1:59 pm

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