We all are familiar with the stories that have been popping up in the news lately about kids falling into zoo exhibits or being drug off by gators and so on and so forth. The fact is, kids rely on us to protect them which means we have to be ahead of the game. Unfortunately, life is cruel and even the most prepared can get sideswiped with a tragic event. Either way, being prepared is the best way to do everything in your power to keep your little ones safe from as much as possible. There are some things that we can’t avoid but we should do what we can and what is within our power. Below are a few tips for dealing with your kids at an amusement park.

1.Pay attention to what your child is telling you. Is your child stating they’re scared, not feeling well, or that they’re very interested in something? Make note of this. If they’re not feeling well, take a break and make sure your kid feels ok. Your child, even if they aren’t very little anymore, are not the best at communicating aches and pains. While out in the sun running around, their little bodies can get exhausted and take a beating more so than an adult’s. If they’re really interested in something, make sure to keep an eye on them because kids are curious and without thinking, will get themselves into some trouble. If they’re interested in something you can do, take time to do it with them. This will keep them happy and in line. You get the point, work well with your child and listen to them, don’t just ignore or push off what they’re saying, it could truly mean something.

2.Bring more adults if need be. If you have multiple kids, be wise and don’t try to be Shera. Bring some more adults along who know your children and let them help you keep track of them. It’s ok to admit you need help because this could mean life or death for your child.

3.Designate a child or two to each adult. Clear communication with the adults with you is key to safety. Make it clear who is in charge of who. If you have three kids and two adults, make one person in charge of carrying stuff and the other in charge of the second kid. Half up the responsibilities but make it clear who is doing what. None of this, “I thought you were watching him!”

4.Use the buddy system. No one ever goes anywhere alone. The buddy system has been used for years and is a wonderful trick to keeping little ones safe. Leaving kids alone, especially in a busy area such as an amusement park is the most vulnerable state they can be in.

5.Put wristbands on their arms with contact info. Put your child’s first and last name on the wristband and then put your info and keep these bands updated and maybe even laminated so they can get wet. If they ever get separated from you, the information will be right on their person, just in case they don’t remember.

6.Teach your children your real names. Sometimes we forget things so maybe you weren’t nifty and brought along a fancy wristband with your information on it. Many children don’t know your real name, they just know mom and dad. Make sure they know your real full name as well as at least one phone number. Again, if they ever get separated from you, it will help them get returned to you much quicker.

7.Don’t be embarrassed to use something to connect you to your children. If you have a child that doesn’t listen well and is getting into trouble a lot, don’t be afraid to slap a leash on them or something similar if you’re not comfortable with it. Who cares what people think, you know your child and know they need it to stay safe.

8.Expect the unexpected. Be prepared for anything to happen. When out in a crazy atmosphere, a plan or routine can easily be blown away. Be prepared for your plans to change and be aware that anything can occur in such a large and uncontrolled environment.

8 Tips for Dealing with Kids at an Amusement Park

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