A few weeks ago we celebrated my daughters 8th birthday at the American Girl Doll Store bistro here in Atlanta,GA. She has been begging to come to this store for the longest and I always put it off because it’s a drive from us but I decided to go ahead and set something up for her and a few friends. I told her she could invite 3 of her best friends and I would take them out to lunch….well that turned into a full fledged party that I was not expecting to have. Please note that this will be the last party she has for a while I told her she won’t have anything again until she is about 12 years old. I am not here for having a party every year we are gonna skip a few and be lowkey for the next couple of years. We had a blast at the American Girl doll store. They are expensive but it’s worth it to see little girls smile. Please note that you don’t have to have an American Girl doll to visit the store nor eat there any doll will do. Here are a few pictures from the party!

I paid for the party package (this was not sponsored) and it cost me a cool $400 bucks for about 8 girls and their moms. On average I would spend that much if I had it at the house buying food and more people would have came so I thought the cost was decent. The cost included an appetizer for everyone, the entree, the drink, goody bags for all the girls, chairs for the girls to sit at the table, cake and Ice Cream. They were gracious and we had a great server who has the patience of a saint because 8 girls….yeah that’s a bit much. Thankful to all those who came and celebrated with us!

Since my daughter turned 8 here are her favorite 8 things that she loves thus far

  1. Pinky Bear – This is her most prized possession. I bought it as a souvenir from a museum when she was about two years old. She sleeps with it, eats with it, and even goes to the bathroom with it. Its her security stuffed animal. I have to sneak it in the wash on days she goes to school. Pinky Bear is a small unicorn stuffed animal that she loves very much
  2. H&M – Not only does she loves to shop she has a specific place she likes to shop at. She asks to go to H&M almost weekly. I admit I love their clothes to. It’s affordable and it lasts a long time!
  3. Nail Polish – I am not a girly girl so I am not into the nails or the polish but this girl right here….she is my mother! She loves polish and I let her buy 5 colors a month. She now has over 30 bottles of polish that she loves
  4. Her friends – All of her good friends were at her party! She loves her friends and always thinks about them whenever we go to Claires she always wants to buy them something or show them some love on their birthdays.
  5. Netflix – She can sit and watch netflix all day (I have had to ban youtube because she discovered some stuff she shouldn’t be watching) She watches all the kid friendly movies and will tell me about each movie she watches down to the last detail
  6. Posing with my camera – Mom take your camera out and let me pose! I am a photographer and I love capturing as she grows. She also takes my phone and takes loads of selfies in them. I have had to delete at least 10 a week smh
  7. Pizza – She is specific with where she goes and she must have her garlic sauce to dip her pizza in
  8. She loves to hug – My son and I aren’t huggers. We are actually more of introverts but this girl will give you a hug all the time never caring when and where. I wasn’t use to her hugs at first since I’m not a hugger but now my arms are always open to her hugs. Her brother isn’t there yet lol he struggles and runs when she opens her arm

We love her. She teaches me to be happy and live life. She loves going places and getting out of the house. She reminds me that life needs to be lived. She is her dad’s child loves to dress and very outgoing. I hope she enjoyed her birthday. Happy 8th Birthday to my Zaza!

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