We have all been there, trying to get something cooked and BAM you run into a snag. Either you grabbed the wrong ingredient or you forgot that you needed to be making anything at all and have next to nothing in the cabinets. So, you stare and think really hard about what you can do to remedy the situation without having to drive ALL the way to the store. For some of us, it’s really not the that far it’s just the fact of the matter. Below are a few tips to get you through a couple of those kitchen stumps.

1. Use apple sauce in place of eggs. Now, some of us might not have apple sauce just laying around however, if you’re a mom, you more than likely have some somewhere since applesauce is one of those staple items. It’s ¼ cup for 1 egg.
2.Use a can of soda to make a cake. Yep, I’ve definitely bought a cake mix before and got home only to realize I didn’t have any of the other ingredients to make it. No worries, if that’s the case, just pour about 12 oz. of soda into the cake mix and viola, you’ve got a cake.
3.Scoop a hole out of the cupcake. It felt odd typing that. Anyways, see those fancy stuffed cupcakes with the yummy cream in the middle? No need to get a fancy utensil and inject it, just scoop a hole out of the top of the cupcake, fill it, and then frost the top and you look like a pro.
4.Spray plastic bowls with nonstick spray. If you use plastic bowls like we do, some foods can stain them leaving them to look stained and gross. No worries, the next time you eat spaghetti-o’s, spray the bowl or plate with nonstick spray and watch it rinse right off.
5.Run onions under cold water. Onions can be a pain to cut but if you run them under cold water while chopping, you’ll be tear free!
6.Use dry milk, powdered sugar, or cream of tartar to thicken cream. Trying to whip your heavy cream and it just won’t thicken? Use a tablespoon of non-fat dry milk, a couple tablespoons of powdered sugar, or a tablespoon or so of cream of tartar and it should thicken right up.
7.Use citrusy fruits to clean your garbage disposal. Is your garbage disposal making the entire house smell horrible? Drop a couple of ice cubes in it and turn it on to loosen any junk. Then, place slices of orange or lemon in it to finish the job.
8.Use baking soda to clean your dishwasher. We just about died the smell of our dishwasher got so bad. Mold and old food can build up in them so it’s important that they are cleaned from time to time. Take a small cup and fill it with baking soda. Place the cup in your empty dishwasher and run it through one cycle. Your dishwasher should be nice and clean afterwards.

8 Kitchen Tips to get you through any cooking stump

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