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8 Car Maintenance Tips

October 11, 2016

Most of us are aware that basic car maintenance is necessary for our cars to have a long happy life. Cars are expensive, so making sure they last as long as possible will not only save us money but time as well. Sticking with a basic car maintenance schedule will ensure you’re not constantly dealing with car repairs and bills. Not to mention, it’s kind of hard to get around without a vehicle or one that is unreliable. Follow these basic car maintenance tips to keep your car healthy and your wallet fat.


Change your oil every 3,000 miles. Your car’s oil helps it run smoothly. If the oil gets old or low, the car is having to work harder. Also, if the filter gets gummed up, it also makes it work harder. Therefore, getting an oil change every set number of miles will help your car stay “cleaned out” and running smoothly. You can literally kill your car’s engine if you do not keep up on the oil maintenance.

Check your car’s oil and fluids every time you stop for gas. You never know when your car has decided to spring a little leak or when the coolant has gotten low. If it’s been a thousand miles since you got your oil changed, the oil may be a little low as well. Either way, checking these fluids often will help you catch any issues as they arise so further damage isn’t done to the car.

Do not leave water in your car in place of coolant. Many of us have used water in place of coolant when our car got hot, etc. This will work for a bit and is a fine substitute as long as the water is eventually switched out. When the weather starts to get colder, if the water is still in there instead of coolant, you will ruin your car. So, make sure your coolant is always topped off and get rid of any water that was used in its place as soon as possible.

Rotate your tires. Cars are often real wheel drive or front wheel drive. Even if they are four-wheel drive, the car will put more pressure on a specific one or two tires more than the others. About halfway through their life, switch the tires around. Put the front ones on the back, etc. This will allow the tires to last longer.

Check your air filter when you get your oil changed. This may not be easy for the average person to do however, it can be something that is checked by a mechanic when they are changing the oil. The air filter is important for your engine and can get clogged like any other filter. It’s worth it.

Wash that car. Most states have a lot of salt on the road during the winter time. There’s also a lot of chemicals along roadways from the asphalt, etc. Regularly getting your car washed allows the paint to last longer. The salt and chemicals eat away at the paint over time if not washed off.

Check the air on your tires. This doesn’t seem overly important but it is! Check the air pressure on your tires from time to time in order to keep them at peak levels for the best use. This also allows them to last longer.

Rev that engine. If you’re a careful driver or do a lot of city driving where your car is not being pushed speed wise, take a moment every couple of months for your car to get a chance to go fast and be pushed. This actually breaks off build up on the car’s engine and helps it lost longer. Funny, I know.

Most of us are pretty good at knowing our car’s needs however, we sometimes don’t even realize what will help it even more!

8 Car Maintenance Tips



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    Bren Pace
    October 11, 2016 at 5:42 pm

    Great tips, Kita!

    I truck just came up on its 5,000-mile oil change, tire rotation. Not everyone keeps up on their auto maintenance and later regret it when something major happens. I’d rather be proactive than not.
    Thanks for the tips. Passing it on.


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