Ahhh, winter approaches which means it’s time to start changing the clothes we wear and the beauty steps we take. If you read that as me screaming about winter arriving, that’s perfectly ok. I enjoy winter, personally, but for many, winter can be an unwanted time because it’s so cold and feels like it’s so much more work to do little things. For example, the same beauty routine we’re used to doing most of the year often has to be changed during the winter because the winter months can be tough on our bodies. Below are a few tips to help you make it through the winter with your beauty routine.

Moisturize Like Mad – Not just your face but your entire body. Winter is bad about drying out skin and there are times where I used to have cracked skin that would bleed if I didn’t keep on top of moisturizing. It’s important!
Don’t Take Super Long Showers – Well, hot showers, anyways. The winter makes us want to be warm so long hot showers are a given. However, if you can help it, try not to take them for longer than 15 minutes. Allure states that hot water compromises your skin’s lipid layer which is responsible for holding in the moisture needed to keep your skin from getting too dry.
Keep Lip Balm at All Times – Just like your skin, your lips are fragile and soft and they will easily get chapped if you don’t keep them moistened. It would be embarrassing to walk around with cracked, flaky, bright red lips!
Don’t Skip the Protection – The sun still likes to stretch its ugly fingers out and harm your skin, even if you don’t realize it, in the winter. So, choose a moisturizer that has some SPF in it or another product that will do the same thing.
Pamper Your Hair – Your hair will get easily dried out in the winter. This leads to it getting damaged on so many levels. Don’t be afraid to do hot oil treatments and to get crazy with the conditioner, leave-in conditioner, etc.
Don’t Stop Being Active – It’s so hard in the winter to want to get up and move because the cold can make us sluggish. Push yourself to continue a fitness routine even if you have to move it inside. It’s very easy to gain a few extra pounds in the winter. Not to mention, not being active can cause your overall health to not be as good and that shows in your skin and other parts of your features.
Get Plenty of Rest – As I said, winter can leave us feeling sluggish because the cold causes us to burn more calories for warmth. If you do not get your needed rest, I don’t think you need to be told that your body will start to show it. Give your body what it needs to keep up with its normal functions.
Wear Protective Gear – Gloves, hats, and scarves are not just fashion statements. They’re meant to protect your skin from the harsh winter. Go ahead and stand outside in the cold for half an hour and you will feel your cheeks tingle from wind burn. This will leave them red and chapped feeling. The winter is harsh on your skin, as I’ve stated so protect it in all ways!

Do you have any beauty tips for the cold season? What’s your favorite lotion because jergens isn’t working for me.

8 Beauty tips for the Winter season

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