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7 Ideas for Helping Charities From Your Business

November 30, 2016

Businesses can do more to help a charity drive than by merely donating money. In fact, businesses are in a better position to amass a great deal of funds for virtually any cause. While giving money to those in need is a noble gesture, you don’t have to stop at just writing a check to support something you believe in. There are a number of ways you can encourage your patrons to help while making it profitable for your company.

One Dollar Drives

Many businesses implement a one-dollar donation platform directly from the cash register during checkout. For example, a customer is asked if he or she wants to donate a dollar to a specific charity – which is then added to the total amount. later, the money is collected and given directly to the charity itself.

Pot Luck Awareness

Pot lucks are a great way to get many people involved in any activity. When it comes to free food, people will show up in mass numbers. Keep the theme of the pot luck according to the charity and suggest people donate to benefit the cause. Even if no one donates, the awareness of the charity can still reach a large number of people.

Percentage of Sales

Many businesses show support by announcing that a certain percentage of sales of a specific item will go directly to the charity. This allows customers to feel as though they are doing good by making purchases while giving your business the tax write-off for charitable contributions.

Charity Product Line

While some businesses may not be able to sell certain items because of licensing issues, allowing a charity to sell products from your location can be helpful. Essentially, you’ll treat the organization as a vendor and sell their wares to help them generate cash. You don’t get a tax write-off, but you’ll be helping a good cause while encouraging customers to come back to your location.

Supportive Marketing

Sometimes you can add a charity to your marketing strategy. For example, many businesses display the pink ribbon associated with breast-cancer awareness. Adding something similar to the company website or other promotional materials doesn’t take a great deal of effort and is cost efficient.

Join Social Media Groups

Becoming a member of various social media groups surrounding the charity can demonstrate your commitment as well as enhance how others view your company. By contributing to the conversations of others, the company can be viewed as one that cares while supporting the cause.

Sponsor Local Activities

Many cities host events that support a number of charitable activities. For example, walk-a-thons are common for things like breast-cancer awareness and the needs of children. Support those that participate while giving them a shirt or hat with your company logo. It will demonstrate that your business is participating in the drive while boosting awareness of the company.

Businesses often have a direct line of support from that of its patrons. Many business owners, such as CEO Ian Mackechnie, will utilize their resources and customers to help spread the awareness of a cause while generating a great deal of money. By helping those in need, you’re improving the lifestyles of many while promoting your brand as one that cares. From the business perspective, supporting charities may increase reputation as well as promote future sales from those participating.

7 Ideas for Helping Charities From Your Business

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