Welcome to Atlanta where….it’s a lot of different stuff going on. I live on the outskirts of the city in the country parts because that’s where my pocketbook feels better. My pocketbook strings are tight these days and I can’t pay $1200 for a two bedroom close to the city. The further out you live the better it is for your coins. While some people say this is the place to be I am not here to sugarcoat it for you. I don’t like it…I will tell you why I am here at the bottom of this post until then….Let’s talk traffic…it’s a beast. Here are a few tips on how to deal with Atlanta Traffic

  • Leave early – 2 hours early would be the best. If you live more than 40 minutes from downtown…two hours would be your best bet. If you have an appt. at 10am I would leave home at 8am. If you get there early chill and read a book or go get something to eat if you haven’t. If you are going downtown..trust me you won’t have time to chill or read a book you may not even make it to your appt on time. Maybe since school is out you might get lucky and get there 30 minutes early…but that’s just pure luck. You are okay in the middle of the day depending on where you are coming from but I still leave two hours early for anything around here.
  • Know where you are going – Use map quest and map out your destination if you are going into the downtown area. There is nothing like trying to use map quest and you have to drive and then your exit is right there and you can’t get the hell over and then bam…you done caused an accident and everyone will be pissed with you and cussing you out because you caused them to be late. I would consult the map ahead of time and make sure you have a general idea if you are new to downtown.
  • Stay out of the right lanes – Unless you are about to exit my advice is to stay off of those right lanes. Staying out of the far right lane will also protect you a little more from the slowdown of incoming on-ramp traffic. Trust me down here they don’t care if you are coming they will either cut you off or come up on you if they are trying to get on the interstate and you are in that right lane. Reduce the stress of your drive and stay out of the far right, so you don’t have to suddenly switch over.
  • Bring your patience – Seriously you will be sitting in traffic if you go between certain times and you may not have the patience for it. I suggest you drink your coffee or caffeine and be patient for the long waits. I would say be courteous but Atlanta folks don’t know what that is. If you want to get over you have to take it sometimes because no one will let you out. Patience is key….I don’t have any which is why I avoid downtown Atlanta at all costs. If I have to go down there I make sure I go when traffic is a non factor. I also make sure it’s the last option for me. If someone wants to meet with me you gotta come on my side of town or I will meet you in the middle.
  • Avoid rush hour – Even if you are a good driver, do your best to stay away from the major interstates (I-20, I-85, I-75, etc.) between 7am and 10am and 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. Traffic is the worst at these times and people will weave in and out of traffic like they are the only ones on the road.

If it rains….expect no less than 20 accidents on the major roads…yeah it’s that serious around here.

Atlanta is home to me because my kids love their school. They are in a charter school that I actually love and its the only reason I live here. If it wasn’t for that school……yeah I would be out.

Listen to the radio stations if you can they usually are on top of the latest traffic news especially in the mornings. Know the major roads. 285 is a loop and if you aren’t from here you won’t know which 285 to take and trust me I am still lost on which 285 and I have been here for over 10 years. How is the traffic in your city? How do you deal with traffic?

5 Ways to deal with Atlanta traffic


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