I try to keep my car clean often but sometimes I just say whatever because it gets right back messed up with two kids. Now I don’t have babies but I feel like I do! My car stays dirty because of course we eat in it….I tried the no eat rule but honestly I am a busy mom on the go we sometimes have to eat in the car…myself included. Mornings if we get up late….we have to run to Mickey D and get a sausage biscuit for breakfast. That means by the time I get back home from them eating on the way to school there is jelly, orange juice and biscuit crumbs all over their seats. We live in our car and it’s tough trying to keep it clean so what I have done is make the kids clean it out for a dollar….cheap labor and they think a dollar makes them rich so they have to vacuum and clean my car out once a week (each taking turns) for a dollar. My daughter actually does a awesome job when she cleans my son….not so much but it’s much better than me cleaning up their mess. Today let’s talk about 5 things I do to help keep the car clean!

Whatever comes in with you, leaves with you – My daughter brings bags of stuff with her even if we are going up the street. It gets on my last nerve but I make her clean out my car with her stuff every single time she gets out of my car. Get you and your bag and take all of your junk with you. Don’t leave any dolls, jewelry, papers, or crayons in my car. If you brought it in take it back out. We stick to this rule as much as we can. My son doesn’t really bring a lot of stuff with him but on Wed when we have his boxing stuff….when you get out of my car on Wed take your boxing bag with you.

Keep a trash bag in your car – Some people use bags, some people use a small container, some people keep something in the backseat, etc. Whatever it is you use make sure you dump it and clean it at least once a week. I keep a bag in the front seat that is called the trash bag. The kids know that everything goes in there daily. My son is responsible for cleaning it out every Friday evening. You must dump the old bag and put a fresh bag in the front seat. It helps a lot!

Don’t eat in the car – This is impossible for me but I try to limit the kinds of food we eat in the car. Yes in the mornings if we are in a rush we eat Mickey D sausage biscuits but other than that I try to not eat in my car at all. If we have to eat in the evenings we eat inside somewhere or we wait until we get home. Unless we are running way behind we only eat in the car in the mornings. I however eat in the car during lunch most of the times and things go down that black hole……it’s bad sometimes but I make sure I take the time to clean it out as much as possible. The rule though is to try not to eat in the car at least nothing that leaves crumbs.

Drink only water in the car – This is very very helpful because my kids will punch a hole in those plastic cups (especially the ones from Chick Fil A) and juice will be all over the place. In the mornings when we have to stop I make them bring their own bottle of OJ that I buy for quick morning rushes. That way it has a top on it and it’s plastic so there is no hole in the cup causing it to spill the only way it will spill is if one of my kids decides to turn the container upside down. Best thing to do is to only drink water in the car keeps from having a sticky mess.

Vacuum the car out at least once a week – Again this is what my kids do to earn money. It has to be done! Since I have two kids they each take a turn once a week to clean the car and vacuum it. If you don’t have time try to get it done at least once a week. You don’t have to go to a car wash either. Have one of those small vacuums that are portable handy (buy one it’s a life saver) and vacuum your own car without spending any money right at home takes less than 5 min to do a quick vacuum of the car (unless you have a third row like I do and your kids make extra messes back there)

There are also things that I always keep in my car to. I call them the car essentials

  • A water bottle. Someone is always thirsty or something gets in someone’s eyes, or I need to rinse something out. I keep a bottle water in my car at all times
  • Extra clothes. I remember I got stuck in traffic one time and my daughter had to go to the bathroom I couldn’t move and she ended up peeing on herself. I also remember a time we went out to eat and I had on a white blouse (I rarely wear white because I can’t eat) and got the entire blouse messed up. I keep clothes for myself and kids in a bag in the back of the car. In that bag I have deodorant, underwear, pants and a shirt…..just in case of anything (like the snow storm in Atlanta a few years ago that my late husband got stuck in…I had a bag in the back of his car that he told me he would never need lol)
  • Wipes. Please have some wipes in your car this is very helpful when trying to keep your car clean and for wiping sticky fingers or when I laughed the other day at something and spit juice out all over my steering wheel….(someone was telling me a joke and I wasn’t prepared for the laughter that erupted)
  • Hand sanitizer. For when I pump gas at the gas station or for when the kids come home from school and want to touch some of my leftover food or touch me for that matter
  • First Aid kit. Yep I keep bandaids, alchohol packets, finger nail clippers, headache meds, allergy meds, tissue, and all sorts of other stuff in my little first aid kit. It comes in handy a lot especially during allergy season

So how do you keep your car clean? When was the last time you deep cleaned your car or had it detailed?

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