I am having a birthday party for my daughter on Saturday. It’s the first one she will ever have because the thought of inviting people and they not showing up bothers me. I always show up for most birthday parties and it’s very rare that I don’t attend especially if I know you well. When it comes to my kids things though everyone is so busy………righttttttttttt. What I have started to do is play tit for tat …yes I said it. If I have come to all of your kids birthday parties for the past 2 years and you don’t show up for my daughter on Saturday…please believe I won’t attend anymore of your kids parties. Do you care? Probably not, but I do and I won’t spend my gas, my day, and my money on people who say yeah I will be there and then they have an excuse.

My daughters birthday party will be at Romp n Roll skating rink on Saturday. I scheduled the party for 10:30 in the morning because…..people have so many excuses about their Saturday evenings that I figured if I have it in the morning I would love to see what excuse people come up with. Since this is my daughters first birthday I am hoping at least 10 people show up. I am good with 10 because at least the 10 that come will get lots of goodies and I get some of my money back if not all 30 I invited show up. Of course I understand people having baseball or other activities those are to be expected but I know an excuse when I hear one. So what are some reasons people don’t come to your event or party? Here is 5……..

  1. They are tired – This is honestly a real reason. People work during the weekday and so on Saturday’s they don’t want to get up out of bed. I get it but let’s be honest you weren’t tired planning your child’s birthday party and expecting people to get up out of their bed for you. I am always tired but if you showed up for me trust me I will get up for you.
  2. They forgot – This one to me is a lame excuse. I forget things too which is why I use a calendar or an app as a reminder for events. We live, eat, shat, and breathe with our phones. You mean to tell me you didn’t set a reminder up on one of your apps that you have something to do on a certain day. Come on…….I have a calendar that I use for everything. People love to play forget it’s a fun game but with today’s technology it’s hard for me to believe you forgot. If you did forget then when you remembered why couldn’t you say something. Example: A lady wants to take me shopping to help me pick out living room furniture. I didn’t look at my calendar an accepted her invitation. I did happen to look on my calendar when I got near it and realized I had something to do so I texted her immediately to let her know that I had something planned. This was done two weeks in advance.
  3. To many parties – If you are on your 3rd child I won’t attend your baby shower. I attended the first two…after the first two I am going to tell you straight up….I can’t afford to buy for you. You have more kids than I have and I can barely afford the two I got. If you go over the max of two kids I just can’t come unless I know you very very very well. Also, you have 2 kids and you have a birthday party every year since they were one and now their 10….I am partied out. That’s 18 parties that I have attended between the two kids…take a break…SHAT
  4. They don’t like you – I find that the people who don’t show up for you or make excuses probably don’t really care for you because the ones who do care will show up if they don’t they will send a gift or at least help with the party. My bestie didn’t show up for my sons birthday party because she had to work (she owns her own hair salon) I understood so what did she do? She did all the goody bags for me and my guests and paid for them herself. She didn’t have to show to the party but the fact that she helped showed she cared. Now I am not talking about the classroom people who don’t know you. I am talking about people you interact with on a daily basis not showing up. If Sally Sue and you talk at least once a week via FB or Cell phone and you have known her for over 2 years and she doesn’t show up or at least offer to help….Sally Sue doesn’t care for you and you aren’t really Sally Sue friend y’all just acquaintances.
  5. No one has money – This has always been one of my excuses. I hate showing up to parties without a gift so if I can’t afford to go I will say I can’t attend. 9 times out of 10 it’s because I don’t have any money. Don’t you hate when people come to your event empty handed and then eat all of your food. I hate that…so I don’t do it to others. It costs money to attend parties or events because of gas, (sometimes parking), gift giving, and if you have to pay for something at the event. My money is tight but again if you showed up for me…I will show up for you.

What are some of your excuses on why you don’t attend events or parties? Let’s be real and give your honest excuse.

5 reasons people don't come to your event

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