There are so many people who work their butts off to make it big. We own our own businesses and blogs and we want to make it big but….there is a but….why do people who seem to work hard never quite make it big? Is it their business, their brand, or is it THEM. Let’s explore some reasons why………..

  1. You don’t take risks – Owning your own business or blog is a risk. You take one everyday because you don’t get a steady paycheck. You have to be creative when you are trying to make 6 figures. I take risks everyday by emailing and pitching companies that I want to work with. I ask them for what I want and leave it there. Sometimes it pays off and sometimes it doesn’t. No is the worse thing people can say to you so why not take a risk and get on the radar of others. It’s a risk yes but you just might make it big!
  2. You think your education will get you far– Yes you have a  degree…so what. Are you strategic in what you do? Are you working as hard as you can? An education or piece of paper is nice to have but it won’t take you very far. Case in point…I have a degree a Bachelor degree in Business with a concentration in marketing and management I could not find a job for 3 years…after applying to over 500 jobs so I quit looking and started my own business. I still have to work just as hard as a person with a masters degree or no degree at all. Nothing is given to me if I want it I have to take it….a degree helps but life doesn’t work that easily. There are many people who toot their education daily….and their still broke. I sometimes wonder why?
  3. You don’t like reaching out to new people – I love my friends whom I have known for years but sadly they don’t support me. Two of them don’t even know what a blog is and one doesn’t even know how to work instagram that well. If I depended on the few friends that I have for success I would be in trouble with a capital T. I have to reach out to new people and engage with new audiences all the time. It’s the only way to keep my content going. I can’t be scared to meet people or scared to talk to others. Every time I meet someone new I am telling them about my blog and what I have to offer and I invite them to read it. I don’t just reach out to bloggers I reach out to everyone…. because my blog is for those that like to keep it real. Reach out to new people every chance you get you never know when you may luck up and get a big break!
  4. You are all over the place – You know the blogger or business owner who can’t commit to anything. They jump from idea to idea…yeah they just don’t know what they want to do because they are trying to make something work fast. You can’t jump around to various things and expect someone to take you seriously when you try to pitch them or gain a new client. You have to stick to something or research to find out what it is you want to do before you announce to the world what you want to do. Take some time to figure out what your passion is and stick to it. Trust me ….you know your passion you just don’t know how to develop it into a full fledge business. Take time to see how you can make what you love to do work. Here is a tip: If you can do it for free then that’s where you need to be (hmmmm that rhymed lol)
  5. You don’t think you are good enough – I had someone tell me I suck at photos and I can’t possibly be a photographer. If they had told me this a few years ago I would have agreed but when you are confident and you know who you are…what they say doesn’t matter. If you look on my Instagram feed you will see some of my photos and while they may not be the best their real and their me. I learn and try new things daily so that I can be the best in my eyes and no one else. I am not here to seek the approval of others I know what I am capable of and trust me you do too! You are good enough and you don’t have to be perfect. Only God is perfect. Build each step at a time you will fail and you will make mistakes but the key is to learn.

Are you successful in your blog or business? What’s holding you back? 

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