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5 Movies about African Americans that everyone should see

January 19, 2017

I love going to the movies! I love movies that tell you a little about who you are. I am going to be honest though I am not a huge fan of the slave movies…..at some point I want us to move beyond that. I know it’s a part of our history but I need to see more uplifting movies that sheds a light on who we are and how we are doing the damn thing. So this week I am joining my girls from the Fab Five as we come together on to give you some of what we love about our culture. Here are 5 movies about African Americans that everyone should see

Hidden Figures – I must admit I have not seen this movie yet. I am going to watch it this weekend though! When it first came out many people didn’t say a lot about it…..more people were going to see Fences but more and more people started talking about how good this movie is and how inspiring it is for women. We as women have a long way to go….not just African American women but women in general. Hillary Clinton had that against her for this election….I didn’t like her but more people would rather see a man run this country than a women and that says a lot. Men and women are still not equally paid but we are still shattering glass ceilings…it’s a great time to be a women!

Queen of Katwe – Use your mind and you will find safety. The things we think produce so much outcomes for our lives. This movie will take a simple game of chess to show you to win at life.  Make a plan…so many of us want to make moves…we want to achieve greatness but we don’t know how to move. We don’t know how to move beyond our circumstances. We let how we live or what we were taught to dictate and shape our lives and that’s not how we have to be. We are not our mothers or our fathers we are who we are…..Think about that as you make your next move…..make a plan and follow it or you will never move beyond your circumstances.

Dope – This movie is so good! It’s a straight to netflix movie but what I love about it is that….it pays to be a geek. See geeks are smart…their resourceful and they get the job done without being suspected of anything. When you are under the radar you can get by with a lot of stuff. Think of it this way….if you go out looking regular with no makeup on, reg purse, reg car, etc. people won’t think to steal from you because you look….regular. If you fancy and get into a nice car, have an expensive purse on you…then you look like money….you will then get robbed. You can get away with a lot of things if you don’t bring attention to yourself and be smart about it. That’s why I love being behind the scenes….thats where the real magic happens I don’t need nor want to show off to anyone about anything…lowkey people are the ones you should watch……

Of Mind and Music – My grandmother had Alzheimer’s it’s a disease that confuses me and hurts at the same time. Bipolar is another disease that affects us a lot and it’s hard because we don’t want to deal with it. Depression…..another disease in the African American community that we don’t want to recognize. It kills us slowly because we don’t recognize it! We must do better in recognizing the ailments that we face and talk about it in the open. It’s real and it’s something that we don’t face as a community.



13th – I saved this one for last because it’s the slave of today. I have no problems with people who go to jail for killing no matter the color of your skin or if you wear a police badge. If you kill rot in hell black or white. My problem is when you are in jail for shooting a gun in the air for trying to scare away a man that beat you, or you go to jail without the proper evidence and no one does digging to make sure they have the right person. I am saddened by this modern day slavery…..


Those are my five picks for movies that you should watch! Now check out whats going on with the rest of the Fab Five!

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