Well I am now in my new home fully….I have been back and forth living in my rental and my new home for a couple of weeks and yesterday I turned the keys in for the rental. It was bittersweet as I walked that rental…the hubs and I spent three years there. A few tears came but then I was like why am I crying because my mortgage is way cheaper and it won’t go up. So before I moved in I did a few things. Of course there were boxes of stuff and I did put up a few items but before I fully moved in I did these 4 things………….

  1. Get rid of the bugs – I called Terminix immediately. I do not do bugs and because my subdivision is fairly new I know that they didn’t like that the builders disturbed their habitat. I don’t do bugs of any kind that includes roaches, ants, spiders, flies, grasshoppers (which there seems to be a lot of) etc. Now if you can’t afford to get Terminix (they are quite expensive) you can always get some spray from lowes or home depot the Orthro kind worked pretty good when my funds were tight. I am not a huge fan of store stuff like raid…they just don’t work for me. You can try the baits or the hotels…they work pretty good especially with ants. Search your area for a local store that may sell top of the line pest control products that aren’t sold in stores. There is a place near me that does…it’s expensive though just as much as calling on Terminix but if you want to do things on your own…try buying top of the line products. I called Terminix and they came and sprayed and even left traps for rats and stuff…if I see a rat…y’all will hear me from wherever you live
  2. Change the locks – This one is a no brainer. The builder still has keys to all of the houses that they build. It’s best to change the locks as soon as you move in. I hardly ever change the garage lock because people will have to go through the garage and then open the door and then be met by my alarm and camera system…it’s too much but you never know. I only change the back doors and the front doors. I buy my locks right from Lowes and I had someone install them for me. I keep the other set as back up to maybe use around the house or something. I was always paranoid when I rented that the landlord had keys to my home and that they had access anytime they wanted. I hated that!
  3. Paint – They told me not to paint but I am such a rebel…I never listen. I think it had something to do with the house settling or something and that nails will pop out of the wall or something…who knows. I got my sons room painted because I knew what color I wanted. I didn’t feel like moving furniture in and out of his room at a later date. Now the rest of the house hasn’t been painted because I couldn’t decide on a color but before I put anything up on the walls I will get a few more rooms painted. If you know your colors paint but don’t mind me if you feel like moving furniture then by all means go ahead. Oh and if you move into a house that’s already painted….more power to you. I saw some houses that the paint actually made me not want to buy. The house was beautiful but that paint turned me off. I saw one house that had a bright bright yellow on the wall that blinded me. I swear I had to cut my house hunting short that day because all I saw was yellow
  4. Clean everything – I clean my tubs, mop the floor, clean the toilet seat, clean the stove everything. I know my house was brand new but still….I cleaned it. You especially need to clean if you are moving into someone’s else house. Buy cleaning supplies, brooms, mops, and something for your carpets and clean it. When we moved into one of our rentals a few years back the person before us had a dog….we asked the apartment people to clean before we moved in and they didn’t we walked into the house on moving day thinking they did and walked right into dog doo doo….no lie it was in the wash room. I bet you by the time I went off we had the first 2 months free.

Here are a few more things:

  • Call around to whatever you can remember or recall to change your address. Change it on all your online things too like your Amazon, Paypal, Etsy, etc. (I ordered something from Amazon and forgot to change my address…I still don’t have it yet)
  • Have someone ready to mow your lawn and keep your yard nice especially if you live in a HOA (I got a letter already and I haven’t even been here a month I had to scramble to find someone to cut my yard)
  • Find a truck to remove big boxes even if you have to rent one. I had so many boxes and no space to put them all. Since I drive a car I could not take them with me even if I broke them down. I still have kids to get into my backseat too. I was lucky to find someone with a truck to hauled all my boxes away for me.
  • Get your closets done if you can or have some type of organization going. You will want to move in and put stuff up and be done.

Any other tips to give for someone moving into a new home? How about moving into a rented space?

4 things to do before moving into your new home

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