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4 things you need for Success on Facebook

March 27, 2016

Facebook is hard these days. There is a way to make sure your content on Facebook gets seen and today we will talk about those 4 things you need to succeed on Facebook.

My Facebook stands at just over 2,000 likes. I grow by about 3-5 people a week but it’s slow. I have found that other people’s content work better than mine. I only get maybe 100 views on my own things but if I share someone else …it gets over 600 views. It pisses me off but I don’t get as angry as I use to. If I need something to be seen I pay for it. As a matter of fact I pay weekly for one thing to be boosted on Facebook and I only pay for the content that had the most like……so I boost what was already viewed the most. (let me know if that made sense) I also, boost things that are important like email sign ups or if I am doing a special. We will get to that later. Let’s break down the 4 things you need for Facebook.

Relatable Content

Talk on Facebook. Don’t just post links all day. I always start my mornings off by talking to people. Telling a little about my life. Whats going on in my world because I am human, I always start the morning off by being real. I try to never post links when I talk to people. It’s always just me raw. Try that at least once a day on Facebook and check your analytic to see when people read your posts the most. For me, my morning posts do well when I talk to people it’s a chance to have my morning coffee talk moment with my followers. (BTW I don’t drink coffee but it sounds good) Pick a good time to have a conversation and call it something nice so people expect that on a daily basis or at least know what days you are posting.

Shareable Content

As I said earlier when you share others…you get the views. I always share at least 2-3 content of others daily. Those get the biggest views. I try to do content that’s already viral or something that is popular that fits my audience. The key is to find popular content but don’t do something that goes all the way left from what your brand is about. Stick within your brand. Since I handle the social media accounts of businesses I always make sure I share popular content but make sure it has something to do with them. For example I run a car lot company social media so I found a funny video about a turkey dancing in the car to share on their page for Thanksgiving. It went viral on their page and it came out 3 years ago. Still within their brand and shareable. I have been debating if I should get Post Planner for next year to help have content to share. I normally research the industry through google to find content but the post planner route may save me time.

4 things you need for Success on Facebook

Have an editorial calendar for Facebook

So we have one for our blog or business posts…..why not have one for Facebook. Have days set aside where people will know what you will be talking about. I myself need to do this too. I had it going good at one point in time where I did Business Monday where I highlighted a business, on Tuesday I talked about myself and my business so it was my day to rep my stuff, Wed I always gave a life lesson that taught me something, Thursdays were my food days where I would post what I cooked. Friday would be my day to list pages that others should follow. I kept weekends neutral to talk about any and everything. I miss doing that and will get back to that starting now. It kept people coming to my site to look for certain days. If you do it be consistent and do it around the same time everyday.

Post on Facebook….a lot.

Now I know that people may have your page on notifications and it may get on their nerves but if they are a fan they will be okay. I actually have about 5 Facebook pages on my notifications thing and trust me I keep it because I like the content. I post on Facebook about 8 times a day (no more than 10) I start around 8 in the mornings and end around 11:30 at night. Trust me people are browsing FB at night before they go to bed. That’s the best time to hit them with your best stuff. The more you post the more you will get seen. It works….for a while I was only doing 4 times a day but got nothing when I moved up to 8 times I get about 5 new likes a week. From nothing to 5 new likes….it’s much better

Look at your competitors pages in your industry and figure out what you can do to create a better page with content that will resonate with your audience.

Bonus Tip: Don’t just copy the headline of things you share. Tell a story or write a different subscription to get people to view or click on it. Below I shared a popular post on my Facebook Page I also gave my own description in the beginning…..I didn’t copy and paste the headline. I made it relatable to me and who I was and then posted the link. Work on your description, you need to be a commentator  of your own blog post.


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    April 28, 2016 at 10:41 am

    These are awesome tips!! I am pretty bad with FB, I want to grow it but ever really had a strategy, thank you for sharing yours! I only have a few people on notification like you and Everyday Eyecandy but you are right I don’t mind the notifications. I need to start talking to my audience more, thanks for the motivation!!

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    laura londergan
    April 29, 2016 at 4:38 am

    these are such great tips and ones that I have been trying to get better at. I think it’s working so far 😉

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