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4 Red Flags when getting to know others

March 27, 2016

What are your automatic red flags when it comes to knowing people or befriending people? Some people you can tell right away others it takes a minute. Some of the red flags that I look out for

1. People who only call you when they need something: So many people do this never picking up the phone to call and just say hi. You know them when they call, you know they want something because they say the usual hi and then get into what they need or want. Here is a good way to tell if someone is doing this and it only takes a month to find out. If they call you and ask you for something every time they call you that month then the red flag is there….let them go cut all ties.

2. People who play the victim: Many people do this they never take blame for what they do and always wanting to play like someone hurt them or blame you for everything that went wrong. If you point out what they did then they will flip the situation back on to you and say you did it or you caused them to do what they did in the situation. If you are ever in a situation and the person says you did this and you did that and then you point out what they did wrong and they said you lied or they don’t admit what they did although you have proof….leave them alone and cut all ties. In their eyes they are never to blame and will never take the blame.

red flags when getting to know others

3. People who have money but always broke: I call them leeches or in other words people who take from others so they can keep what they have intact. You know the ones. They borrow your walking lawnmower and they live in a house that’s 300,000 more than yours and drive nicer cars, and make more in one year than you have made in the past 5 yrs  combined. That person who takes and never gives. If you see this person and they are always having their hand out and they have it leave them alone. You can tell who is fronting and whose not. If they front and appear to have it then they need to appear to get their own lawnmower or cut the grass with whatever they can find.

4. Talking about others with you: This is a big one, if you have befriended someone and they are always telling someone else’s business you best believe they are telling yours. Be careful what you say to them because it will get out. I pick and choose my conversations carefully when talking to people like this. I only tell them what I want them to know and I will say certain things just to see if they go back and tell others. I like to plant a bug in that person’s ear they will go back and say something about that bug and then you will know that person has been talking to others. Don’t befriend them at all keep them as associates if you must but stay away from them.

What are some red flags for you when in a relationship, friendship, etc.? 

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