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Eating good in the neighborhood

March 31, 2017

This year my word of the year is NEW. So with that being said my kids and I are starting to visit new places to eat. I am quite frankly tired of the same ole places we always visit so I thought it was high time we went somewhere we haven’t been. A few weeks ago we ventured into Marlow’s Tavern here in Atlanta. We went to the…

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Things You Can do to Work from Home

March 29, 2017

It’s all the rage these days to be able to work from home. However, it feels like that’s impossible when you actually want to get started on an actual position. I promise it only feels that way because you simply don’t know where to look. It’s honestly quite simple to work from home. However, it’s still work and isn’t going to be like a walk in the park.…

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8 Tips on Taxes

March 28, 2017

I hate tax time. I don’t usually have anything to look forward to as far as getting money back because of being self-employed. So, I do all the work, usually, just to pay them. Doesn’t sound fun, am I right? Anyways, yes, we all hate tax time due to the paperwork but it’s truly not as hard as it seems. Here are a few tips to beating those…

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Leftover Chicken Meatballs

March 24, 2017

You don’t have to eat meatballs just with spaghetti. You can have it for a sub or by itself. I am a huge fan of the one you cook in the crockpot with jelly those are my favs and great for a party. Today we are taking it a step further with some leftover chicken. If you have leftovers and don’t want the same thing twice you can…


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