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8 Uses for Peroxide

July 26, 2016

Hydrogen peroxide is one of those items that just chills in our cabinet and it feels like the bottle lasts years. Many of us don’t realize how useful that little bottle of peroxide is. I’ve learned a few ways over the years how to use up that bottle and make it earn its keep in my cabinet. Below are 8 tips for using hydrogen peroxide as more than…

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Can you be without your cell phone for a week?

July 25, 2016

The short answer is no. Let’s back up though……I grew up in a world where cell phones existed but didn’t matter. It didn’t matter until I got around 28 where you see people that live and breathe on their cell phone. Cell phones are attached to hips, hands, purses, foreheads…..well at least in the neck area. What’s funny is that people love their cell phones these days for…


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