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June 2016

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Fancy Mockups with Placeit

June 29, 2016

So you know how people have the nice computer in the background or the phone with their logo on it…..Let me give you an example This is a tshirt I designed…see how nice it is on the screen to showcase what I do. Well now you can do the same thing with Placeit. Beautiful Product Mockups & Videos in Seconds! We created Placeit so you can showcase your…

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How can a parent not live in fear?

June 27, 2016

Mass shootings are going on at a high rate, alligators are lurking in waters, parents “forget” to leave their kids in the car. So many things that are going on in the world how can a parent not live in fear? Yes the sign said no swimming but the child was not swimming he was wading in the water. I have no problems with people obeying the sign…


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