Getting things done is hard. Some of us have a short attention span, some of us do too much in one day, some of us space out, some of us just look at our work and be like…to hell with it. Here are 15 tips to help you get more done.

  1. Schedule your hardest task or meeting first thing in the mornings. I am not a morning person but I find that if I have a meeting with you after 1pm…my mind will be spaced out.
  2. Take a break and change your scenery. I sit in my office all day long so I try to get up every hr and walk to the kitchen or take my computer with me while I sit in the car line to pick the kids up. Sometimes a change of scenery is all that you need.
  3. Tone down distractions. Cut off that Facebook page that you check constantly ..oh wait am I the only one that does that. I also scroll through instagram too…ooohhh pretty picture.
  4. Include a support group or a person in your daily plans. My VA was on me the other day about certain things….yep she keeps me on point so that I can have a productive business.
  5. Change up your beverage. I know most people love coffee…I don’t. I try to drink other things besides water. I do lattes, smoothies, and even a root beer from time to time. It helps and you won’t be so addicted to having coffee. Gawd forbid coffee beans run out…some of y’all would go cray cray
  6. Buy an erasable whiteboard. I have two! One for my social media calendar to keep up with national holidays and the other for tasks that come up for my social media clients at the last minute. One of my bars had a big name person drop by and she sent me pictures. I put up on my whiteboard to add the picture to instagram because if I didn’t write it down…it would be forgotten.
  7. Use the 5-5-5 rule for social media. Spend 5 minutes sharing others content, 5 minutes sharing yours, and 5 minutes engaging (talk to people on various social outlets) You can also use that 5 minutes of sharing others into following new people. After 5 minutes be done for the day.
  8. Purchase hotspot. I know it costs more but trust me when you are in a place with no wifi and you need to get business done…you will thank me later. Yes Tmobile is taxing me on mine but I can get so much done while in the car line to pick up my kids.
  9. Set a time frame for others not to call you. No one needs to call me between the hours of 4pm – 8pm M-Th. Why? First of all I have two kids who have massive amounts of Homework that need to be done. I am a single mom so I have to make sure I maximize my time. I can’t talk to you on the phone and help them with their work. I shut it down…do you know people still call me like dammit don’t you understand not to call me smdh.
  10. Create personal challenges, like answering all emails in your inbox or addressing every mention on Twitter before lunch. These small goals help you achieve even bigger goals.
  11. Add color to your space. I am starting to buy fresh flowers. I set them on my desk….I get so much more done by having some color around me some life….it makes a difference….then it dies. I am working on that green thumb.
  12. Play music. I find that I work faster when I play music. Not the bang bang shoot em up kind but some nice gospel will do. It helps me be at ease just in case a client pops off. (luckily all my clients are the bomb so far *side eye*)
  13. Take a trip outside of your office. If you work from home like me…it’s nice to go to Panera (starbucks is to crowded in my area) to get a different vibe. I go once a week just to get out of the house. I find that I get so much done as long as I bundle up….Panera is cold as hell.
  14. Phone a friend. Express out loud what may be bothering you and ask for advice. If you are like me I phone them, express my concerns, and then ask them to do something small for me. Asking doesn’t hurt!
  15. Buy a faster computer. Right now my desktop is running slow as hell and I am pissed. As I was writing this I had to go to my task manager and reset stuff. This computer has got to go! I want a Mac but I can’t afford it so I will gon ahead and get another PC *big sigh* A faster computer makes shat go much faster. Get a good one….preferably not a Dell

What tips can you add to get more done in your business or blog?

15 tips to help you get more done

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