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10 Ways to get more Clients for your business

March 27, 2016

When owning your own business the hardest single thing we have to do is get clients…..

We get one or two but how do we keep getting more clients so that we can stay busy on a monthly basis. Here are my top 10 ways I get clients and maybe some of these can help you

1. Be active on Social Media. You would be surprised at how much business you can get with a simple pin on pinterest or a tweet on twitter. People are watching you…more than you know. I got a customer the other day from a tweet that someone else shared on twitter. Use social media to your advantage and gather customers there. It’s a free marketing tool and it pains me when small businesses don’t use it. {Tip: Tag your clients on social media and cross reference them on your site…this will prompt them to do the same by sharing your things on their page. As a blogger if you use a brand..even if you paid for the product..mention their name you never know what could come of it}

2.Be a guest writer on other sites. A great way to get more clients is by going to other sites that are huge and giving them a taste of what you know. I did a guest post on one of my favorite sites a while back. It allowed me to reach a different audience while still being on a site that was similar to my own. {Tip: Reach out to one of your favorite bloggers…ask them if they wouldn’t mind you guest posting on their site. It’s free to write up a post and you can even use an old post and remix it}

3. Host a webinar. I haven’t done this yet…..but I am working on it. I think hosting a webinar is a great idea to help others succeed. I would do something outside the box and have fun with it. This is a great way to show your personality to others and a great way to teach people what you know. There is no use holding on to all the goods….let some of it go to help others. I plan on having a Webinar by the end of the year on starting an online magazine. I am getting my ducks in order and I can’t wait to help others out. {Tip: Do a webinar on something that is unique. Don’t just do a webinar on starting a blog, do one on maybe working with a specific platform}

4. Build your email list. Mine only comes out once a month on the 15th. Having subscribers is a sure way to get your content out there for people to see. It’s not like social media where people may miss what you have to say. It’s a sure way to get people to read what you have because they want to. It doesn’t matter if your list is small or large. I have a small list and I still get clients.  {Tip: Always give your subscribers something useful. Talk to them as if you are talking to your best friend}

getting more cleints for your business

5. Get your clients from Facebook Groups. Are you in active Facebook Groups? I am in several that actually has days where small businesses can put a link up to their business. You don’t have to force your business down anyone’s throat but if you are active in certain groups the way you answer questions or give feedback let’s those that are in the group know that you are a person willing to answer questions for free. If I know someone is answering questions for free…I can only imagine what I will get with them when I pay my money. {Tip: Join groups that will get you clients and be active. Don’t just speak up when it’s something that pertains to you speak up on everything that you can answer}

6. Work with clients who have a large audience. I admit this use to scare me when I first started. Am I good enough? This person is a huge blogger what if I don’t do good and they talk about my butt. I had to let it go. At the end of the day you won’t please everyone and sometimes you may surprise yourself when working with bigger clients. {Tip: Approach clients on your own if you feel you want to work with them. I was able to work with a huge franchise here in Atlanta running their social media account because I approached them with a heavy and steep discount and I did so good they gave me a raise without me asking}

7. Have a blog. This should have been number 1. I am a firm believer that if you have a business you should have a blog. You don’t have to blog daily as a matter of fact once or twice a week is enough. Have fun with your blog. Give tips and tricks leaving the good stuff for your subscribers but giving enough on your blog to make people want to subscribe. Having a blog is like selling without selling. Your content can be shared and you can go far. {Tip: Show off what you do….I am not a show off but if you have a blog you have permission to be creative and show others just how hard you work}

8. Network and embrace who you are. Networking outside of the computer is a great way to get clients. A few months ago I did some photoshoots for a client. While out with my camera a young lady saw me and came over in the middle of the shoot to get my business card. From that encounter and speaking with her…she not only booked me but referred me to 3 others. {Tip: Talk yourself up….be yourself and show your personality. Give yourself an edge by showcasing your personality on your site, communications, and business publications.}

9. Update your website. Since I do websites it’s easy for me to keep fresh designs up at least twice a year. I like to spice things up. Keeping your site up to date, easy to navigate, and comprehensive about your business will help you attract more and better clients than just throwing something together and calling it a day.


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